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WWE Raw Thoughts For Dec 19, 2011

Raw was definitely interesting for me. Featuring the fallout from TLC, we shall see what happens. Join me as I review each segment from Raw!

CM Punk out with the title, and cut a good promo highlighting his win, along with the other IWC golden boy’s win. He got Bryan and Ryder out, and was celebrating with them, which seemed like a “feel good” moment.

Miz, ADR and Ziggler interrupt. Ryder got a bad fall, and Mr. Excitement made a tag team match with the competitors.

Wade vs Orton in a match? Didn’t we have this yesterday? Good match, though. Wade won by DQ, and I’m fine with that. Wow, Wasteland through a table.

Fox vs Beth was a horrible match, and on top of that, Fox wins? I think she injured Beth.

Jinder Mahal vs Sheamus again? On a side note, I can’t imagine how Cole would look on an elephant! Quick match, with the obvious result.

Cena cut the goofy promo which he usually cuts, and Mark interrupted, and he was limping.

Mark complained about his loss, then Cena wants to fight, but again, Kane makes his way to the ring, and attacks Cena. He, then rips Cena’s shirt off, a point which I totally didn’t understand.

I love Rosa Mendes. Anyway, the match was mediocre, and the Rosa team won, which is good. They are the next tag team champions.

Santino and Cody had an okay segment, with Santino going all crazy, and Rhodes standing there and watching.

Cody beats Santino with an Alabama slam.

Hornswoggle kisses Vickie. Ugh.

I have to say this, Josh finally owned someone in the interview. Thank god Show didn’t do anything to him.

Good tag match with Punk, Bryan, Ryder, Miz, Del Rio and Ziggler. All men had their spots, but the champs won it. I’d have liked to see Big Show’s involvement though, he was the last world heavyweight champ.

How was Raw for you?


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