5 Best Pop Songs With A Social Message

Popanthem Beyonce

Music in the past year has been amazing. There have been tons of amazing songs, while tons of amazing artists have made a name for themselves this past year. Ranging from pop songs to rock, music has flourished this year, and all kinds of music genres have made an impact this year. Simply put, this has been the year of good music.

However, this article isn’t about random music – it is about music which also provides a lesson for the listeners. Music is a great way to educate the masses and teach them simple yet basic values which will help them in life. Therefore, the following is a list of the best songs with a social message.

Note: All the lyrics in the article are from MetroLyrics.com.

I Was Here: Beyonce

This song makes it to the list at number five due to the beautiful singing by Beyonce and the meaning in the song. Beyonce tells the world about her legacy and what she has done, plus advises the world to be something remarkable and be someone the world respects and cares for. She says that she made a difference in each and every person, and she expects us to be someone great. Beyonce is a fantastic singer and her talent shines through in this song, as she proves why she is one of the best.

For the readers, I recommend you listen to this song, since it is extremely meaningful and I love it. This song is worth buying and is a must listen.

I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time
Know there was something that, and something that I left behind
When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets,
Leave something to remember, so they won’t forget

Candles in the Sun: Miguel

Candles in the Sun! Miguel really is impressive here, and this song really describes the present situation of our country and this world. He talks about God, peace, love and so many important things and his voice just makes this song so memorable. Candles in the Sun is one of my favorite songs and the message it delivers is simplistic, yet elegant, which makes it all the more amazing and wonderful.

For every pop music fan out there, this song is a must listen. Buy it, download it, I don’t care – just listen to this song somehow, since it really is touching and makes you wonder what life really is.

Is there a God?
Is he watching?
Is she watching?
Are they watching now?
If not, what are we doing?
Where are we going?
What are we doing now?

People Like Us: Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson makes it to the list with a wonderful hit in the past year, ‘People Like Us’. The song talks about how we create our own legacy and every person should stick together in tough times, since every person wants the best for himself, and humanity. Kelly Clarkson’s voice is impactful and really brings a spark to the song, and the overall song just soothes our ears.

This song is on the top of my playlist, and I love listening to it. This song is amazing, and delivers a message to everyone that they shouldn’t be afraid of who they are, because every person in the world is special and unique, and we should respect every person irrespective of their gender, caste, race etc.

We come into this world unknown
But know that we are not alone
They try and knock us down
But change is coming, it’s our time now

Hey… everybody loses it,
Everybody wants to throw it all away sometimes
And hey… yeah I know what you’re going through
Don’t let it get the best of you, you’ll make it out alive

No Guns Allowed: Snoop Lion/Cori B ft Drake

Snoop Dogg, recently reincarnated into Snoop Lion, has a song about violence, along with his daughter and Canadian rapper, Drake, as he discourages the world to stop using guns. Eradicating guns would be the best thing to do right now, since it is the reason for many to just try to end their problems.

After Snoop Lion’s reincarnation, his songs have been catchy, to say the least. Cori B debuts here and her voice adds to the song. Drake’s rap is influential, and thus far, many have already praised this song and are influenced by it. The lyrics are amazing and really hit home for someone like me – because I live in a country where terrorism is uncontrollable.


Snoop Here Comes King Cd Cover P

Money makes a man and that’s a crime
If we all were rich, we’d spend more time
With our daughters and sons, they’re losing their minds
We all feel hurt, here’s mine, hear me now

Same Love: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

The first on this list is none other than Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ latest hit, Same Love. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ album ‘The Heist’ has been a successful hit due to the quality of the songs and how Macklemore adds energy to the normal-est of lyrics. These days, the world is really progressing and it is more aware about social issues taking place in the world currently. Racism is on a all time high, and the crowd is realizing it. The best way to spread awareness is music, and Macklemore is doing it. Same Love talks about gay rights and how the world should accept gay people, because their love is the same as our love.

Kudos to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for doing this, since this song has raised a few eyebrows and people are noticing this. Gay rights are important for the world, and Macklemore is doing a great job promoting it. Gay people are just like the rest of us and should be treated the same way.

When I was in the 3rd grade
I thought that I was gay
Cause I could draw, my uncle was
And I kept my room straight
I told my mom, tears rushing down my face
She’s like, “Ben you’ve loved girls since before pre-K”
Trippin’, yeah, I guess she had a point, didn’t she
A bunch of stereotypes all in my head
I remember doing the math like
“Yeah, I’m good in little league”

Thanks for reading this article, and do not forget to comment below with your thoughts on this article.


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