Barney Stinson vs Joey Tribbiani- Who’s the Ultimate Womanizer?

In TV shows, often do we get a normal, girl-next door, a friendly guy, a hopeless romantic, a strong woman, and a charming womanizer. This is usually the cast of Friends, and How I Met Your Mother – two of the best shows on television currently. In both of these shows, two men steal the cake from the others. Two men are simply better than the others: due to their acting, due to their character, or due to their performance overall – they are the best on their respective shows.

However, if we rival them against each other, the question arises: who is the better womanizer? Barney Stinson, as played by Neil Patrick Harris, or Joey Tribbiani, as played by Matt LeBlanc? The answers may vary, but one thing is for sure: the competition is close. Both of these men have subtly tricked women into falling for them, with their tricks, with their charming looks, or their overall personality. These two stars are on top of their game, however the question remains – Is Barney Stinson better with girls, or does Joey Tribbiani take the lead?

For the answer to this tough question, here I am, and I list the qualities of both Barney and Joey, and then I pick my favorite out of these two excellent actors. However, the readers should voice their opinions, both on social media and on the comment section below, on who they feel is the better womanizer. Therefore, the following are the qualities of both Stinson and Tribbiani, and my final decision is given at the end of this article.

Barney Stinson

“I am legen – wait for it – dary! Legendary!”

Barney Stinson can be described in one word: awesome. There’s one thing you should know about Barney – he always wears suits. Barney Stinson is a man who’s chivalrous, educated, rich, classy, yet he’s not ethical. Barney Stinson is well known for his ‘Playbook’, a book he wrote himself, listing down all the tricks he knew to get ladies.

Barney Stinson cares for his friends, or his ‘bros’, and he barely lets anyone interfere in his life. Without his father in his childhood, Barney Stinson wasn’t the brightest kid ever, however, when he grew up, we could see the awesomeness in Barney shine through with his suits, his etiquette and his performance – both on-screen, and in bed. Don’t let the appearance deceive you, though, Barney is a softie inside, but on the outside, Barney’s a gentlemen, and a mastermind.

He can go to any lengths just to get a lady, and isn’t afraid of anyone. Barney Stinson loves himself, thinks he’s awesome (which is true), and works at GNB, though no one knows what he does. He finally settles with Robin, yet, he can still trick a girl into falling for him, and then he lets her go.

Is Barney Stinson an excellent womanizer? Or does Joey have more to offer?

Joey Tribbiani

“How you doin’?”

From the hit-show Friends, Joey Tribbiani makes his way in the show as a romantic, who can easily mesmerize girls with his dashing looks. His friends Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross and Monika think that he’s a little bit stupid, yet they love Joey, simply because it’s not possible to hate a charming person like him.

His ability to pick girls at bars is marvelous. He’s a budding actor, which helps his chances. ‘How you doing?’ – his signature catchphrase- has got him many phone numbers, and Joey isn’t afraid to flirt with anyone, even if the opposite gender is married. Joey is a a terrific lover, as described by other girls, and can easily be the lovable goof everyone loves.

Joe Tribbiani is a person you’d love to show to your friends, but would be scared to show to your parents. Trusting Tribbiani could cost every girl a lot, so here’s some advice, ladies – while Joey looks like an innocent dude, he could make you the happiest person for some time, and can equally make you sad, without even knowing himself. Joe Tribbiani is kind at heart, and just like any other womanizer, he loves babies.

Tribbiani knows his moves, and is efficient at getting women. Would you consider him to be better than Barney Stinson?

Final Decision

For those who do not know, I grew up watching these shows. Whether it was the ‘Classic Shmosby’ or the ‘Pac-Man Fanatic Chandler’, I watched these shows with all my concentration, and while the others watched cartoons, I turned on my television, watched How I Met Your Mother or Friends, and laughed as hard as I could.

However, in my opinion, the better womanizer is none other than the ‘Awesome’, Barney Stinson. With a playbook and a few tricks, Barney Stinson can effectively pick up multiple girls on a single night without any hitch, and all his strategies and plans work. Joe, on the other hand, while a loyal lover, isn’t as fluent with girls as much as Barney Stinson is, therefore, this round goes to our very own, Barney Stinson.

Disagree? Comment below with your answer and let me know who you think is the greatest womanizer of all time. Does Joey Tribbiani stand out for you, or does Barney Stinson impress you enough? Sound off in the comments section!

Thank you for reading this article, and do not forget to voice your opinion in the comment section below. Follow me on Twitter @NextBigThingSiD for news, views and opinions on TV, Movies and more!


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