EvE: Tournaments, Brackets and other Information

As you know, I’m a writer at EGW, and they have come out with this new competition, Enigma vs Enigma, which, I’m a part of. Here are the details, rounds, brackets etc. I hope I win, but best of luck to all participating.

EvE DETAILS: The Format, Style, Topics, Requirements, Divisions, more

Hello Enigmas!

My name is C-Cool and you may call me the unofficial host of the EvE competition. I told you guys I’d give you all the details you need to know, and that’s what this post is all about.

Before you look at this, I suggest that you read every bit-by-bit detail on how this is going to go down. Especially in the formatting section, requirements section, and anything in bold and capitals. Anyway, let’s get this started:



This competition’s way of going at things is going to be a bit of a merge between CvC and CvC 2.0. I am pleased to announce that this EvE competition will be centered around the Survivor Series PPV!

First, we will have two teams (divisions) with five people on each team. So it’ll be like a traditional 5-on-5 match. But don’t take the word “team” too heavily, as your team will actually be your opponents. It’s a “your allies are your enemies” type of thing.

There will be one topic per team. One team will get one topic, and the other team will get another topic. In other words, EACH TEAM WILL GET ONE TOPIC; YOUR OPPONENTS FOR THE FIRST TWO ROUNDS ARE YOUR ENTIRE TEAM.

You will write an article addressing your topic within the required time period (more in the schedule section), and make sure your article meets all the rules and requirements (read below) given.

At the end of the first round, the person PER DIVISION who you think did the best job, you will vote for.  WITHOUT ANY ELIMINATIONS, the divisions will then reverse topics. EvE WILL GO BY A POINT SYSTEM UNTIL THE FINALS. So the topic that Team RAW gets for the first round, will be transferred over to Team SmackDown. I will give the current standings at the end of each round.

Round two will begin.

After round two ends, there’ll be another vote. The person on Team RAW who gets the most COMBINED votes from both rounds, will make it into the finals with the person from Team SmackDown who gets the most combined votes from both rounds. THE REST OF THE COMPETITORS WILL BE ELIMINATED.

The finals will last about five days, with two days of votes. I will announce the sole survivor on the day of Survivor Series. It may seem a little rushed, but if you think about it, you’re only posting two – or possibly three – articles in a span of three weeks.


The rules and requirements are basically the same thing in CvC 2.0.

You are not aloud to acknowledge your opponents argument (if they post first) in your ARGUMENT. Here’s what is allowed and not allowed:

For example, if John Cavanagh said “My opponent gave good points, check out his article here,” it would be allowed.

If PS Singh said the following rude comment – which is something he would do – it would not be allowed. “Jon Fisher said that Jim Ross is the best commentator in Survivor Series history. What an idiot. Mike Adamle is by far the best commentator.”

That is obviously not aloud. One, because it’s rude, and two, because it’s unfair to the person creating his article from scratch.

Your article must acknowledge that it’s for EvE. Preferably, acknowledge it in the title. You are also allowed to put it on the top of the post. PLEASE TAG IT IN THE NEW EvE CATEGORY CREATED. Also be sure to state your division.


Anything starts at 12:00 AM Eastern of the stated day, and ends at 11:59 Eastern of the stated ending period unless I state otherwise. The ending period will be at the end of the stated day. The beginning period will be at the beginning of every day. Got it?

October 30th (t0day) — November 5th (Saturday): 1st round writing period.

November 6th (Sunday) — November 8th (Tuesday): 1st round voting period. THIS WILL OVERLAP WITH THE 2ND ROUND WRITING PERIOD.

November 6th (Sunday) — November 10th (Thursday): 2nd round writing period.

November 11th (Friday) — November 12th (Saturday): 2nd round voting period

November 13th (Sunday) — November 16th (Wednesday): Final round writing period. Obviously you cannot start until I give say who made it to the finals. I will post this on 12:00 AM on Sunday.

November 17th (Thursday) — November 19th (Saturday): Final round voting

November 20th (Sunday): On the day of Survivor Series, we will announce the winner of EvE.


In this EvE competition, we will be discontinuing the method of doing it in the comment section, and we will have a form. OF COURSE YOU MAY STILL STATE ANY OPINIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION, BUT THE OFFICIAL VOTING WILL BE IN THE FORM EMBEDDED IN THE ARTICLE. Simple, got it?

Voting will take up 99% of points. There are a few exceptions:

If your overall thesis is incorrect, a disqualification may be imminent. Example:

If PS Singh writes an amazing article (I doubt it) on how Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in a Streak vs. Career match was the best match in Survivor Series history, and he somehow gets all the votes (I also doubt it), I’ll have no choice but to disqualify him for one reason: the article was idiotic that match didn’t happen at Survivor Series, therefore his whole article is invalid.

A tie will result in something yet to be determined.



Topic: The best match in Survivor Series history


PS Singh (he doesn’t really count; he’s destined to fail)

Ben Gartland

Siddharth Grover

Ryan Frye

Jesus Rocha


Topic: The best performer in Survivor Series history


Hamster Enigma

Jon Fisher

John Cavagnagh

Charlie Groenewegen


Hold up just a second. RiZE withdrew from the competition, and I promised you a replacement. The person who will replace me is one of the most potential-filled and talented writers I know. This person is probably the most underrated wrestling writer that I know. This person…is…Justin Watry.

Alright, thanks guys. I hope this competition is fun for you all. And before I conclude, I would like to say that the person isn’t Justin Watry. It’s the Master of Dolphins: American Dolphin. To clarify, he’ll be on Team Smackdown. You can follow him on Twitter @AmericanDolphin. Don’t take him lightly, he’s an outstanding writer. You can also view his blog here.


You all have until next Sunday to complete your first article. I hope it doesn’t feel too rushed! Voting will take place from Sunday until Wednesday. The topic your opposing team gets will be yours in one week.


Comment, e-mail me at coolify571@gmail.com, or contact me on my Twitter @HEELCCool for any questions you might have. This competition has officially begun!

Hope you have fun!

Tough competition, hmm, need to get on the drawing board!


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