A Decade in the Making: Predicting The Future of World Wrestling Entertainment (EvE)

10 years? An industry can be destroyed in ten years. We could have robots walking among us in ten years. Religion could lose it’s force in ten years. The cost of living could skyrocket. The world can end, in ten years. So, when I was asked to predict the future, I was baffled. Ten years can change everything!

WWE is a global industry. It is a brand. What happens in ten years to a brand? Well, either it collapses, or it grows. WWE is such a big industry, that it will surely not collapse in the next ten, or fifty years, due to one man: Vince McMahon.

But, unfortunately, Vince McMahon will have to step down, and thus, we will have another man or women in-charge. Who might that be? Let’s look at the three possible candidates for this position: a) Stephanie McMahon, b) Triple H, and the X-Factor, Shane McMahon.

Also, many superstars can be fired, or may have retired. So, let me officially begin my predictions for what might happen in ten years, and believe me, it may change the landscape of WWE for many more decades to come.

The Alumni

  • Retirements

The current face of the WWE, John Cena, would have called it quits, and would appear on WWE programming sparsely thereon. CM Punk would be another retired man, and would be an announcer on Raw, like Jerry Lawler is. CM Punk would fit the role of an experienced wrestler/announcer, who has a lot of talent.

Chris Jericho will be a Hall of Famer too. Randy Orton will be having a top position in the company, and he will be appearing on shows regularly, to support his fourth generation son. Rey Mysterio would have retired, and would have distanced himself from the world of sports entertainment.

Christian will be another man who will have his retirement in the WWE. After winning the WWE championship for the seventh time, Christian will call it quits, and would surrender the title to his then- best friend, The Miz, who will be a veteran in the business in ten years, and would be having his last run in the WWE. Kane, Undertaker and HHH will retire too, and will all be inducted to the Hall of Fame in the consecutive years.

  • Firings

Sadly, R-Truth, also known as Ron Killings, will be shown the door, and so will Mark Henry. These both will land up in Impact Wrestling (TNA), and create a stable with the likes of Alex Silva, and the Motor City Machine Guns, and have Devon as their manager.

Another superstar who would show promise in his early years, but would ultimately be fired is Seth Rollins. He would be introduced as a guy who is in the WWE just for fun, and enjoy every moment of his stay. He would be fired ultimately, after the bombing of his devastating gimmick.The reason for that being; WWE doesn’t really like wrestlers who have built their character on their own. They generally do not prefer indy wrestlers. These days, we are seeing a lot of indy talent, but in ten years, that trend will settle down. Doesn’t this remind you of Colt Cabana? Exactly.

The Management

The management is the following:

  • CEO: Triple H
  • Executive Vice President (Talent): Shane McMahon
  • Executive Vice President (TV Production): Stephanie McMahon
  • VP of Creative: John Laurinaitis

The TV Production

Sometime soon, WWE will remove Superstars and NXT, and introduce a new show, which will air every Saturday. It will be called Thunder. It will be two hours of any talent appearing, and having to compete in a match. The matches on Thunder will be decided by two authorities: the GM of Raw, and the GM of SmackDown.

The General Manager of Raw is going to be none other than David Otunga, and the Smackdown GM will be Chris Jericho. Both of the GM’s are going to be heel, thus they will create matches on Thunder which will be unfair to the faces.

Raw will not be a Super-show, but it will be three hours long. SmackDown will still be a wrestling-heavy show, with two hours of great wresting matches. Raw will still air on Monday, whereas SD will air on Thursday, and will be live. Thunder will be a mixture of both, but will be taped before-hand.

The Pay-Per-View method of special shows will be in full force, with eight PPV events per year. These PPV events will have a minimum gap of five weeks between them, and will cost around $75, which, in ten years, will be easy to afford. PPV’s will be thee hours full of entertainment, like they are at the moment. WrestleMania will still be treated as the “grandest stage of them all”, and would be a four hour show.

The Competition

World Wrestling Entertainment will have strong competition from Impact Wrestling (TNA), who, after some time, will have it’s own homegrown talent, and a Hall of Fame of it’s own. Impact will be another sports entertainment company, only with improved storylines and relatable gimmicks.

Ring of Honor will still be the company behind TNA and WWE, i.e., a company which has loads of talent, but makes the viewers flip the channel. It will still have a hardcore fan base, and those will be the fans that are always ready to watch fifty minute wrestling matches without a hitch.

Impact will be televised on Tuesdays, and there will be no competition in ratings. But as far as the talent, the production and the media goes, fans will be having a tough time deciding what to watch.

Social Networking and Media

Twitter and Facebook would still be an active part of WWE. The website, WWE.com will flourish under new management, and will manage to get high stats every day. There will be a new social network made by WWE, known as the WWE Talk, where everyone will be online, and fans can talk to the wrestlers about their daily life.

They will finally debut the WWE network, and all the WWE YouTube shows will be transferred on that network, with After-burn, Bottom-line and Experience. Vintage Collection will also be shown, and there will be a WWE Epic Moments show, which will show the “Holy $#!%” moments from the past year. The reality shows, which were advertised before (Legends House, A Cookery Show, etc.) will also air.

The Current Roster

Note: This is not the full roster, this is a list of the wrestlers who will be shown prominently on the shows.



  • Kassius Ohno
  • The Miz (last run)
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Cody Rhodes (WWE Champion)
  • Wade Barrett

Mid card

  • Damien Sandow
  • Justin Gabriel
  • Heath Slater
  • Alex Riley
  • Jack Swagger
  • Sin Cara



  • Antonio Cesaro
  • Daniel Bryan (last run)
  • Ryback (World Heavyweight Champion)
  • Alberto Del Rio (last run)
  • Dolph Ziggler

Mid card

  • Drew McIntyre
  • Brodus Clay
  • Kofi Kingston
  • Evan Bourne
  • Trent Barretta
  • Curt Hawkins

As I mentioned before, the WWE Champion will be Cody Rhodes, and the world champion will be Ryback. Cody Rhodes will be a “dashing” face, while Ryback will be a monstrous and destructive heel.

As far as the Divas go, I can see a bright future for that division, with the debut of new and talented women to the roster to add to it’s value and depth. I think WWE will finally realize the worth of their ladies, and will have a proper division for once.

The tag division will be the same that it is today. The tag titles will be meaningless, and the teams will be formed randomly. The tag division is the one WWE doesn’t give much attention to, and in my opinion, that thought process is going to stay the same for the next ten years.

The Storylines

  • Raw

At WrestleMania XXXVIII, Dean Ambrose finally became a star after defeating Miz and Wade Barrett. Miz, being the face that he is, congratulated Ambrose after the match, and called him the future of the WWE. He shook hands, and went on a vacation. But, Wade Barrett was the narcissistic heel in the situation, and he attacked Ambrose after Miz’s promo on him. Miz was looking on, as Dean was on the floor, and Barrett was laughing.

We return to Raw the next night, and Cody Rhodes is in the ring, cutting a promo after defeating Dolph Ziggler and retaining the WWE Title. He says that there is practically no competition in he ‘E right now, and WWE was better ten years ago. He says that he is on the top of the mountain, and then, he is interrupted by Dean Ambrose.

Note: As I mentioned before, Rhodes is a face here, so there will be a lot of pandering to the crowd in this promo. Ambrose is the heel, so he will be jeered.

Ambrose walks to the ring, and cuts a heelish promo on Rhodes, and says that he is the ultimate champion. Rhodes and Dean talk for a bit, and Otunga comes to the ring, and makes a match at Extreme Rules for the WWE championship. Other feuds progressing on Raw and Barrett and Ohno, and Sandow and Cara. These match-ups are set for Extreme Rules too.

Barrett and Ohno have a feud simply based on the idea of who is a better superstar. Barrett claims that he is one of the best wrestlers to step in the ring, but Ohno claims that he is the future. The Sin Cara/Sandow feud is about how Damien is sick of Cara shamelessly pandering to the fans, and bringing no entertainment to the WWE. Damien wants to remove Cara from the WWE, and thus the match.

The stipulations and the results of the matches would be:

  1. Cody Rhodes vs Dean Ambrose (Street Fight): Cody Rhodes retains.
  2. Barrett vs Ohno (Ladder for contract for #1 contender for the WWE title): Barrett wins.
  3. Sandow and Cara (Chairs match): Cara wins.
  • Smackdown

At WrestleMania, Ryback faced Antonio Cesaro for the World Heavyweight Championship. After a competitive match, Ryback defeated Cesaro to be your new World Heavyweight Champion. This Smackdown, Cesaro came to the ring with Dolph Ziggler, and said that he will use his re-match clause at Extreme Rules. He says that Ryback got lucky, and this time, Antonio will regain his world title. Ziggler and Cesaro will be a tag team for that night, as they face Ryback and Bryan. The team of the heels (Bryan, Ryback) wins this match. Later, Ziggler starts his feud with Bryan.

The whole concept of the Ziggler/Bryan feud is the fact that they both think that there is only room for one of them on SmackDown. Ziggler proclaims that he is the new and improved Bryan, and Bryan says that he doesn’t want a man with the abilities of Ziggler to be the next “him”. So, they have a match at Extreme Rules.

The other feud at Extreme Rules would be Hawkins and McIntyre vs Kofi and Barretta for the tag team titles. The previous tag champs would have been injured, and they conducted a tournament with four teams to crown a new champ. The teams were Kofi/Barretta, Hawkins/McIntyre, JTG/Reks and Brodus/Bourne. Kofi and Barretta defeated Brodus and Bourne soundly, whereas Hawkins and McIntyre showed signs of a break up, but defeated Brodus and Bourne ultimately.So, they will be facing each other at ER. This PPV will also be sold as the night where a “force to be reckoned with” debuts. That force is Raquel Diaz.

The stipulations and the results of those matches would be:

  • Cesaro vs Ryback (Tables): Ryback retains his gold.
  • Bryan vs Ziggler (Falls Count Anywhere): Bryan defeats Ziggler.
  • Hawkins/McIntyre vs Kofi/Barretta: Hawkins and McIntyre win.
  • Divas match (Raquel Diaz vs a local talent) : Diaz wins in less than a minute.

Overall Synopsis

In ten years, WWE will change, for the betterment of both the product and the ratings. Ten years is a short period of time. But, it is a valuable one. WWE can either capitalize on these ten years, or continue with the quality of shows that they are having at the moment. Right now, the WWE product is compelling, but in some time, it will end up being stale. So, what do we do then? We ask for change.

Change is permanent. Gone are the days where we voiced our opinions with radios. It’s the era of change, and it’s coming.

In ten years, WWE will be a better place than they already are. Gone are the days of weak mic skills, and overrated superstars taking the spotlight away from the talented ones. In ten years, you, me and the industry will no longer be the same.


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