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Impact Wrestling: Ring Ka King Review For Feb 5, 2012

Welcome, once again, to TNA’s India project, Ring Ka King. It’s time for the mega-episode today. A lot of things are promoted for today, to say that, basically this show has generated a lot of hype. Today’s show will have Mickie James competing, Chavo revealing his partner, and also the finals, of the Ring Ka King Heavyweight Championship! Scott Steiner takes on Matt Morgan for the title. Catch Ring Ka King on Colors on Sat/Sun at 8 PM IST.

Let’s roll the review, brought to you by the best pro wrestling site in the world, EGW.  Without further ado, let’s begin.

We start the show with a recap from the last two episodes, where Chavo Guerrero had problems with the Sheiks, and he says that he announces his partner today. We start the show with a Knockouts match.

Hardcore Country!

The show starts with Mickie James, a female well-renowned international wrestler, against Alysia Flash, who is the future of the Knockouts. The both look beautiful, though. The match begins.

The crowd is wild for Mickie in the earlier moments. Mickie and Alysia start with some headlocks, then they are converted into arm locks. Alysia lands in some great moves and then goes back to punches and kicks. She is dominating for the most part.

This thought just struck me, TNA should hire stars from here too. They’ve got a good bunch, and I think these Indian guys could do well in Impact Wrestling. Alysia certainly looks impressive.

Mickie James with a great dropkick, and the crowd is enjoying every moment of this. Good, I’m happy with the crowd. Mickie takes Alysia to the turnbuckle, and delivers an amazing hurricanrana, only for two. Mickie now goes on the turnbuckle and jumps, but Flash moves away, causing Mickie to crash.

Alysia gets on the offense again, and gives a pretty good submission, it’s like Sting’s submission. Mickie now gets a roll-up, but it’s only for two. The crowd is really invested in this match, which is great. I wish crowds like these were present at the WWE shows.

Flash slaps Mickie now, then delivers a back-body drop. She goes for the cover, but is unsuccessful. James then gives her finisher for the pin, and the win. Fun match, the crowd was really into it.

Tale Of The Tape

We head to Kubraa Sait and Jeremy Borash. They are arranging for a segment with the challengers for the Ring Ka King heavyweight title, who are Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan. They are going to measure the wrestlers’ reach, biceps, and weight. First up is Scott Steiner.

The figures of Scott Steiner are weight: 130 kilos; biceps: 24 and a half inches and reach is 29 inches. He cuts a promo saying that he has the largest arms in the world and the title is going to be his. Typical Scott Steiner promo. I love his promos, though.

Next up is Matt Morgan, who’s figures are weight: 150 kilos, biceps:23 and reach: 39 inches. Matt Morgan asks Steiner who’s boss. Steiner gets offended, I guess. A brawl breaks out which is controlled shortly thereafter by the referees and the others involved.

Bollywood Rules!

We’re introduced to a new tag team backstage, named the Bollywood Boys. They seem like an actual team. They say that they’re not going to walk, crawl or run into the ring, they’re going to dance and sing to the ring. This seems weird. I like the fact that Ring Ka King has a lot of tag teams though, it makes it seem better.

Chavo Get’s a New Partner

We have a tag team match, which is next. Chavo gets a new tag team partner tonight, and he claims that they both have some sort of connection. It’s Harry Smith, or DH Smith. Here, he’s called the Bulldog Hart. The Sheiks make their way to the ring, accompanied by Raisha. She’s a ninja.

The match begins, with Hart dominating one of the Sheiks though. Headlocks, arm-locks, the power slams.. Hart just unleashed his offense on this guy. Harry tags in Chavo, and they give a pretty nice tag team move, We need more of this, this is good. These announcers are excited, I’ll admit that, but they’re weird. The Sheiks get pissed and bail to the outside. They tear up a fan’s sign, and ironically, the fan is the one who interrupted Adonis yesterday. We cut to commercial.

We’re back here on Ring Ka King and the midget fan interferes now. They remove him after a lot of hassle. The match is back to normal, and Sheiks get their offense in. A “Chavo” chant breaks out, which is pretty good.

As the Sheiks were controlling the offense, Chavo got the hot tag from Bulldog. Bulldog first power-bombed him before he went to the apron, and Chavo Guerrero delivered his splash for the pin and the win.

They show a clip backstage of Steiner and Morgan preparing for their all-important match later tonight.

A New Tag Team

Two people are backstage getting interviewed by Ram Menon, the interviewer. They call themselves the “Pathani Pathe”. This is a really dumb name. These guys look like mini Big Shows. These guys say that they are the most dominant tag team of India, and when they fight, all hell breaks loose. Harbhajan Singh wishes the luck, and tells them to focus while he gives the Ring Ka King heavyweight title to it’s rightful owner.

The Heavyweight Title Match

Harbhajan Singh makes his way to the ring, which already has the commissioner Jazzy Lahoria and his accomplice, Deadly Danda. Steiner makes his way into the ring, followed by his heel group members, Magnus and Dutt. Morgan comes in the ring too. Now, we have the formal introductions brought to you by Jeremy Borash. We take a break now. Awkward.

We’re back with Morgan in the ring applying holds to Steiner. Dutt tries to interfere early on, so Lahoria gets pissed. He invites his wrestling buddies (namely Veera and the Bollywood Boys). They all surround the ring and this match is apparently a lumberjack match now.

Steiner gets some offense in, he connects with some of his blows. A “Morgan” chant breaks out. Steiner gives a shoulder drop to Morgan, then starts doing push-ups, much to the dismay of the crowd. Steiner is completely dominating now. He hits a perfect DDT, but only for two.

Morgan connects with a boot now, after fighting off. He then tries to hit a clothesline, but gets a Steiner Recliner. He is going to tap out, but he gets to the ropes. Morgan immediately gets up and gives the Carbon Footprint to become the first ever Ring Ka King champion!

He gets the belt from Singh, then gets the mic and shouts “Dhanawadh” approximately three times, which translates to “Thank you”. The show ends with him celebrating with the belt.

This was actually a better show than yesterday’s. Here is my list of the good and the bad stuff:

Great job:

  • The crowd was amazing. Totally into it.
  • Bulldog Hart debuts. Good wrestler.
  • Matt Morgan wins the Ring Ka King Heavyweight title. He deserved it.
  • Mickie James competed.

Need to improve upon:

  • Entertainment quota. It’s really low.
  • The “measuring” segment. It made no sense.
  • Excessive involvement of Harbhajan Singh
  • The commentary


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