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Impact Wrestling: Ring Ka King Review For Feb 4, 2012


This is the review of TNA’s India project, Ring Ka King, which took place on the 4th of February, at 8 PM IST. Ring Ka King is live from my city, Pune, in the historical land of India. Featuring a roster of 30 international and Indian wrestlers, Ring Ka King has certainly delivered till now. Will the trend continue? Let;s find out.

And just for your information, EGW is the ONLY site to cover Ring Ka King. This definitely proves that we are the best pro wrestling multi-writer site on the web! Now, let’s roll.

Just to add, before the show, the aired a bad sitcom in which a man insulted a girl and the kid got angry and told the girl to slap the man. She complied. I don’t know why, I just had to write that. Anyway, we are live from Balewadi, Pune for Ring Ka King!

It’s Steiner Time

The show starts with Harbhajan Singh, the Indian cricketer, who gives a pep talk to the Indian wrestlers who want to make a name for themselves. He leaves and the wrestlers applaud him. Jazzy Lahoria, the commissioner, tells them to get ready but he’s interrupted by the faction of Magnus, Sonjay Dutt, and Scott Steiner. They all talk trash to him, and in the end, Scott Steiner calls Lahoria “white trash”.

The show officially starts with Scott Steiner makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Sir Brutus Magnus for his semi-final match against Mahabali Veera, the Indian Star. Steiner comes in and at first, starts beating up the fans! This is awesome! Magnus and the referees stop him and he makes his way to the ring. Veera gets in the ring too.

I just got a reply from Jeff Jarrett and Lagana. Just saying. Veera starts with a lot of shoulder blocks, then gives a clothesline which sends Scott out of the ring. Steiner gets pissed while Veera gets the crowd to cheer for him. To be honest, I don’t know what TNA/Ring Ka King management see in Veera, he is pretty green, but that’s just me.

Steiner gets back and unleashes the Flair chops to Mahabali Veera. These commentators are horrible. I wish I was just like you guys and wasn’t able to understand the language, but I can’t help it. They’re better than Micheal Cole though, they at least focus on the match.

Veera reverses the punches by Scott and clotheslines him. He gets a loud pop for suplexing Steiner. No offense, but this certainly seems piped. Unless this is like the TNA fans chanting”holy shit” when Gunner gives a DDT to some random person. Anyway, Veera tries to go for his finisher, but Steiner reverses and gives a variation of the Mic Check for the pin and the win. Steiner advances to the finals of the Ring Ka King heavyweight title.

It’s Party Time

Backstage, Zema Ion, Jimmy Rave, and Jackson are interviewed. They all say that they’re going to party in the ring, and they’re going to defeat their opposition. On a side note, the interviewer, Ram Menon, better called as the Indian Jeremy Borash sucks.

We head to a six-match tag team match. Isaiah Cash, or Luke Gallows, makes his way into the ring. His gimmick is of a biker who doesn’t want anyone to mess with him. He is booked a s a dominant monster. His partners, Hollywood and Broadway, make their way. These must be the dumbest names on this show. Even dumber than Deadly Danda.

The face team, Ion, Rave and Jackson, make their way to the ring and they get heavily supported by all the ladies. The crowd is pretty good. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, TNA is smart enough to start a show in India, the crowds are always hot. They start with the normal headlocks, but then, Jimmy tags Ion, who starts the offense by a few punches and kicks.

Broadway is tagged in, and he starts getting offense for his team. He gives a pretty sweet dropkick to Ion. The action gets intense, and Jackson takes Cash to the outside. All the guys, except Ion and Broadway. Ion gives a DDT, then goes to the top rope and gives a 450 splash, but it is completely botched. That, of course, is looked over, and Zema Ion gets the win for his team.

They celebrate, but Cash gets in the ring. He dominates the winners and sends them all packing to the outside. He then cuts a promo saying that nobody should mess with him, his bike, or his colors. Whoever messes with him, would face the consequences. Hollywood and Broadway come to the ring to celebrate with him, but he choke slams both of them and stands tall. Luke is booked pretty well here. Good stuff.

Morgan Gives A Warning

Ram Menon interviews Morgan backstage, who says that he is the best 7 footer in the business. He also says that even though the performances of Magnus, Scott, Dutt and Cash were good, they are all trying to get the upper hand. He says that he’s going to be the champ next week. On a side note, Morgan says, “Look at me. I’m the best 7 footer in the business”, and the interviewer looks at him in a gay way. That was really weird.

We head to the commercial. Next is the Adonis Lock challenge and then we have the main event.

We’re back and we get a promo about this Indian wrestler, Jwala, who says that he isn’t given the opportunity to compete on Ring Ka King, and he says that next time, he will compete, and he will dominate.

Adonis Lock and A Lakh Rupees

The American Adonis makes his way to the ring accompanied by his manager, Shera. Shera is his manager and his student. The announcers claim that Masters knows most of the languages, including Hindi, but doesn’t speak in any of them because he wants to represent America.

He taunts the fans, then enters the ring. He taunts the fans while coming to the ring. He cuts his normal promo saying that he is willing to give a lakh rupees (two thousand dollars) to the man who breaks his hold. The commentators are owning Adonis side-by-side, though.

He gets a thin guy to the ring. His name is Karan, and is from Pune, my city. He says that he is ready, and that money is his. They set him up, and he tries to fight away, but passes out and loses the challenge. The money still stays intact. Adonis is celebrating, when this midget comes from the crowd and wants to fight Adonis. He’s the guy who holds up the “hire me” sign always. Masters takes him lightly and throws him over the top rope. This isn’t the Royal Rumble, Adonis. Moreover, this isn’t the WWE.

We crown the Ring Ka King champion tomorrow, where Scott Steiner faces the winner of Dutt and Morgan. We meet Chavo backstage, who says that he is sick of the Sheiks interfering in his matches, and says that he will get a ne partner tomorrow, someone who’s like him, and says that he’ll defeat the Sheiks. Why do I get the feeling that this is Harry Smith?

We head to commercial, the main event is next.

The Carbon Footprint

We’re back and Sonjay Dutt makes his way in the ring, followed by his two managers, Scott Steiner and Magnus. This should be interesting, to say the least. Matt Morgan makes his way to a mediocre pop.

We start the match, and for the first few minutes, Dutt is wasting time running around, and doing push-ups and jumping jacks. Finally, they start the match. They start with a waist lock, which is then converted into a clothesline and Dutt bails out. Dutt looks like a kid in front of Morgan.

He takes help from Magnus and Steiner, and makes a plan. They distract the ref, and then Dutt tries to attack Morgan from behind, but that didn’t work. Morgan sensed it and blocked the punch to deliver a punch of his own. They try to interfere again, but the referee sends them to the back.

Sonjay stands on the ramp while we take a commercial break. We’re back and we see Dutt still standing on the ramp wanting his stable-mates to come back. Morgan stands behind him, and viciously sends him to the ring.

Morgan takes Dutt to the turnbuckle, then delivers his vintage elbows. He then goes for his Carbon Footprint, but Dutt reverses and then, Dutt tries to give his finisher, but that is reversed as well. Morgan fires back again with some blows, and then choke slams Dutt. He gives the Carbon Footprint to Dutt and advances to the final with Scott Steiner tomorrow.

The show ends with Steiner getting the belt in the ring and raising it, while Harbhajan Singh claps from the stage. We roll the credits.

This was a mediocre show. Not much entertainment, and was just a show to help the storylines. Hopefully, tomorrow’s show is better than this one. It features Mickie James competing on Ring Ka King, Chavo Guerrero revealing his mystery partner, and we crowning the new Ring Ka King Heavyweight Champion.

Here is my list of the good and the bad segments that took place tonight.

The Good Part:

  • The Adonis Lock Challenge. I know it’s a rip-off from his WWE gimmick, but it’s always entertaining to watch the challenge.
  • The hype for tomorrow’s show
  • The involvement of Scott Steiner with fans

Need to improve upon:

  • Excess of Harbhajan Singh’s involvement
  • The fact that Mahabali Veera is the best Indian star. He is very green.
  • The quality of matches
  • The entertainment factor of these shows

Thanks a lot for reading this article, and I hope you like this review (if you felt this was good) and please, please comment on this piece.


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