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WWE Raw Review For Jan 30, 2012

Welcome to the review of the latest edition of Raw, featuring the fall out, from Royal Rumble. HHH evaluates Laurinaitis, a big superstar makes his return, and much more. Let’s go!

Sheamus winning? I can’t dig that, sucka.

Laurinaitis starts with shaking hands with the fans sitting, while Lawler and Cole discuss the Rumble and his performance review. Laurinaitis says that unlike them, he is happy that his performance is being reviewed. He says that he’s going to be the permanent GM now.

He says that we’re on the RTWM right now, but there is a stop at the Elimination Chamber. He makes the WWE title match with Punk, Ziggler, Miz, Kofi, Jericho and Truth. He says that Beth will defend her title tonight against Eve, and CM Punk will face D-Bry. Wow, that’s actually a great match.

Punk interferes and starts singing, and gets the fans to sing with him too. Hell, even King and Roberts do it. Weird. Punk tells him to remove the plastic smile off his face.

Punk and Laurinaitis have some back and forth verbal action, while CM Punk owns him a lot of times. Daniel Bryan makes his way into the ring.

Bryan says that he’s wonderful, he’s the best, he’s talented, and he’s Vegan! CM asks him what he exactly eats, then. Daniel gives a wonderful comeback. Punk asks them to deliver one of the best matches ever.

Sheamus interrupts, then the crowd erupts. He actually cuts a good promo saying that he’ll choose after the EC, and he wishes them both luck. He also tells that Laurinaitis could be fired, then quotes an Irish saying which I will not quote here. The match is set.

Orton vs Dolph? Both of them can’t handle a loss here. Poor match building, WWE. Good match, though. Dolph is slightly better here than he was at the Rumble, and Orton is average. They’re having a pretty good match here. RKO wins, and Ziggler is buried.

Laurinaitis is backstage, shaking hands with everyone. He has a small segment with Regal where they discuss their daughters.

Brodus Clay defeats Tyler Reks in another squash. They seriously now need to put Clay in a program, these random jobber squashes won’t help anyone. The dancers wore new outfits, though, so that’s a plus.

We head to backstage where CM Punk and Bryan have a backstage segment discussing Vegan and Straight Edge. This was actually a pretty cool segment, and Daniel Bryan’s new character is just awesome, okay?

Great match between D-Bry and Punk, the fact that they gave it out on free TV speaks volumes. Great match, they let the emotions flow. They should be put in a program in the future though, amazing workers. Solid match. No complaints anywhere.

I also loved the Jericho interference. He made Bryan win, which was great, and then he gave a Code Breaker to Punk, which was excellent. He has cemented his heel turn with this.

Mike Tyson is being inducted to the Hall Of Fame this year.

Kofi vs Miz, great. R-Truth on commentary? Better. Great to see Kofi win the match, and glad to see him in the WWE title match, I just hope he doesn’t get replaced. Miz was dominant i the Rumble, showed something here. Miz is set for a big push, and hopefully so is Kofi. R-Truth is hilarious.

Backstage, Ace criticizes Otunga and claims that he’ll take his job. They then show a video package of The Rock. Next.

Beth just destroyed Eve right now. Great. I wanted a Kharma sighting, but anyway, hopefully next week.

Kane cuts a promo on Eve. He claims that she is his mascot (I guess) to turn Cena heel and then appears in the ring. Cena out to save her, and they start brawling. Cena gets the upper hand as Kane flees, then Cena does his “vintage” salute.

Laurinaitis comes out to the ring, and gets solid heat. He cuts a short promo before HHH comes out to judge him. He criticizes him in a lot of areas, then tells him to apologize to the WWE Universe. He apologizes, which obviously isn’t accepted.

Then, HHH thinks of the next best solution, the “Kiss My Ass” club, and Laurinaitis goes down, but HHH refuses. He tries to think, and then wants to fire him, but is interrupted by a certain gong, Undertaker’s!

Undertaker has returned! It is great, because it was unexpected. Nobody expected this to happen. Undertaker certainly looks like he has a wig on. He looks at HHH and gives a throat-slash sign, but HHH pats him on the shoulder and leaves? Good ending.


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