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WWE: Royal Rumble Predictions

Here are my predictions for this years Royal Rumble.

CM Punk vs John Laurinaitis for the WWE Title (Spl. Guest Ref: John Laurinaitis)

This actually seems like a great match, with two of the most hard working guys on the roster colliding against each other, but with one thorn, John Laurinaitis. To be completely honest, I really like John L. and his character. I’m also really liking Dolph Ziggler’s work, he’s really improved on the stick and now is one of the main eventers in the WWE.  CM Punk is just himself, pure gold in his work. I hope this match is better than the one they had recently on Raw for the title, because they need to step it up on the grand stage.

I can see this match going three different ways. One, CM Punk defeats Ziggler clean and Laurinaitis acts as a fair referee and all is fair, so that Punk can move on to his inevitable feud with Jericho. Two, Punk could win but Laurinaitis will be trying to make Ziggler win, but being unsuccessful in doing so. Third, it could play out as Mick Foley runs out and beats up Laurinaitis and distracts Ziggler to give Punk the victory. Yes, you probably guessed it. I don’t think Ziggler has a chance in this match. Anyway, I’ll go with the third one with Punk winning with the help of Mr. Socko.

Daniel Bryan vs Big Show vs Mark Henry for the World Title (Steel Cage)

This has been one of the best turns in recent memory. Daniel Bryan is taking his time turning into a heel, and boy, I am loving this. Big Show is okay, though. I didn’t really like the “crying” part and injuring AJ, that was totally unnecessary. Mark Henry has been one of the most interesting man on this roster, but is really losing steam at the moment. This seemed for an interesting bout, but the recent title matches which ended in a no contest really degraded the world title’s credibility.

This seems quite easy, I think Bryan needs to walk out with the victory here. Show and Henry don’t need the title here, it will be quite unnecessary. I think Randy Orton will face Bryan at Wrestlemania, so a Bryan win is inevitable. I guess Bryan will escape the cage in some way, which will look squeaky.

Cena vs Kane

I don’t know why, but this feud doesn’t seem good to me at all. Call me a spoilsport, but I hate Ryder’s involvement in this feud. Thank god he’s been written out. Kane has been doing great work: promo wise and charisma wise. I really don’t like this feud, or the direction this is going to. But, it’s been built as the main feud of Raw so I have to care about it.

I think Kane needs a win here, but if Cena will move on to the Rock next, then the face needs to win. So, WWE has booked itself in the corner here. I think Kane will win here, with the obvious screwing.

Royal Rumble Match

Finally, the main match of the Rumble. This is supposed to be the best match of the Rumble. Since it’ll take a lot of time to give a prediction on all the superstars competing, so I’ll just make a prediction on the most probable ones.

Miz: He’s scheduled to enter #1, so I think he can stay till #22 or #23, before being eliminated by Sheamus or R-Truth.Miz is destined to dominate, though.

Sheamus: He’s supposed to be the ultimate winner, and he’s being the most dominant force in the WWE right now. But, I don’t think he’ll win it. He’ll probably be eliminated bu a mishap or something involving two wrestlers or something.

Wade Barrett: The “Barrett Barrage” will not be successful in the Rumble this year. It will be run over by the “Santino Express”. Jokes aside, I can see Wade lasting till the final four, then being eliminated by Orton.

Randy Orton: He apparently returned from injury, but as the three men mentioned above, he will not win the Rumble, unlike 2009.  He will either be double eliminated with Barrett, or will be eliminated by Sheamus.

Dolph Ziggler: He already is in a match before and his chances are zero here too. As I said, I see him competing with Foley at Wrestlemania.

Chris Jericho: This is my pick to win the Rumble. I am loving Chris Jericho’s recent work, his troll-ism, and his selfish antics, and though he did speak on Raw, he sent out a big message/clue on who is winning the Rumble, and I think he is.

The reasons I didn’t mention the other stars because I simply think that they are fillers/they don’t have a chance of winning. Once again, I pick Mr Y2J to win the Rumble.


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