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Impact Wrestling: Ring Ka King Review For 29 Jan, 2012


Welcome to the second review of TNA’s biggest project till date in India, Ring Ka King. This program features 30 wrestlers, from India and beyond, who battle out to win the prestigious Ring Ka King World Championship. TNA has got a goldmine with this project, and the fans are definitely loving it.

Not to toot our own horn, but EGW is the only website to give out a full review of Ring Ka King! Without further ado, let’s move on, and for those who live in India, watch Ring Ka King at Colors at 8 PM IST. Let’s roll.

For your information, this show airs every Saturday and Sunday. Just to tell the people who think I’m dumb enough to review the repeat telecast of the show, which aired yesterday. Anyway, let’s move on.

The Commissioner’s Order

We start off the show with the commissioner of Ring Ka King, Jazzy Lahoria, with his accomplice Deadly Danda, who is wearing an Indian police outfit. He comes out and announces the arrival of the international superstar, Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo Guerrero comes out to a pop, then starts to get a cheap pop by talking in Hindi. I liked the fact that the announcers mentioned Guerrero legacy and his family, plus Eddie Guerrero. It’s these little facts that add up to the credibility of the wrestler. Moving on, Chavo says that Guerrero is a big name to live up to. Then, he also says that the Guerreros take all the gold wherever they go, and Chavo is destined to win the Ring Ka King title. He gets a pop by saying that he’ll be the first ever Ring Ka King champion. Man, I know I stay in India, but these Indians cheer for everything.

Chavo’s interrupted by the Sheiks, with their manager, who is a ninja girl, Raisha. These guys come out and start blabbering in their own language, which no one in the crowd understands. Even Chavo nor the commissioner understands it. The commissioner is actually telling them to “go back”.

Chavo mocks their way of talking, then he says that he doesn’t understand anything, but thinks that they want a piece of him. Chavo says that he’s ready. So, a brawl takes place. The Sheik brothers get their offense for a first few minutes, but Chavo dominates and sends them both over the top rope. Chavo celebrates in the ring.

We Got This

Magnus tells his heel members Scott Steiner and Sonjay Dutt to win their matches and qualify for the semi-finals. Scott shoots back saying that he’ll destroy his opponent, something Magnus couldn’t do. Steiner walks out, while Dutt adds that they both will win their matches, and Ring Ka King will be theirs.

Steiner Pumped Maxx B

Steiner takes on Maxx B for the first quarter final match of the night. Steiner is accompanied by Magnus, who gets moderated heat. Maxx B barely gets a reaction.

A fan has got a “Hire Me” sign. Wow, awesome stuff. Scott Steiner ambushes Maxx before the match starts. He connects with some punches and elbows, then gives a Flair chop to some “Whoo’s!”. Scott gives a Lou Thesz Press, then mocks the guy.

Scott back on the offense with punches again, before Maxx tries to fight back with his punches, but gets a belly-to-belly suplex for his troubles. Scott drops down with the elbows, then does some push ups to irk the crowd.

Scott with another belly to belly, goes for the cover, but stops at 2. He picks up Maxx and sets him up on the turnbuckle, then is given a variation of the Mic Check on the mat. Steiner Recliner, as they say, or the Camel Clutch is locked in, and obviously, Maxx B taps to give Steiner the win. He keeps the hold on for a long time before Magnus tells him to leave it. They celebrate to end the match.

We head to a commercial break.

During the break, Maxx B is taken on a stretcher to the back, because Steiner gave him the Clutch again, and the Angle Slam. Scott Steiner celebrates.

A Heavy “Fine”

Jazzy Lahoria and Deadly Danda discuss the punishment for Scott Steiner because  of his actions, and end up giving him a fine. The Sheik brothers walk in and talk to Jazzy in their language, but then revert to English and say that respect is not being given to them and they demand it.

They get a match with a team, which is not revealed. Next week, the debut of Mickie James is advertised. Awesome, I’m really looking forward to it.

Cats and Sheiks

“This is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!” is announced as a local team named Mumbai Cats make their way into the ring. They wear a Suicide style uniform, but the colors are green and red. Man, there is an obsession with Green here.

Apparently, if the Sheiks don’t fight, they’ll be fired.  We head to commercials.

Sheiks end up coming out, so we apparently have a match. The Cats are freaking me out, though. They’re weird as hell. Raisha is the worst looking woman on the face of the earth.

The Sheiks start with some body-slams, then some knee drops to the face. An Irish whip to the turn buckle , but Cats reverse it into a suplex. The teams tag their other members simultaneously. Sheiks connect with a few elbow drops, then goes to give a Suplex, which is reversed into a roll-up, only for a two. The Sheiks connect with a spine buster, but only for a two.

Sheiks are dominating here, but the Cats fight off, but again, in vain. Sheiks connect with the flying shoulder, for a two. The Sheiks tag, and the other Sheik comes to the ring for a suplex. Then, he proceeds to slow down the match with a headlock.

The Cats gain offense, and they finally give the hot tag to the other member. The member gives a beautiful drop kick to the Sheik, but only for two. The Sheiks get a tag and give the Cats a double gut buster, which was botched. One Sheik gave a Cat member a Superkick, too. Then, they sandwich him, before both of them went to the top rope, and deliver the “Flying Sheiks”, which is apparently their finisher. It looks pretty cool. The Sheiks pick up the victory.

The Bollywood Boys

We get a backstage interview, the interviewer interviews a new tag team, the Bollywood boys. Bollywood, which is the Indian version of Hollywood, is the whole genre of this team. They say that they’ll sing, they’ll dance, and they’ll enjoy, but ultimately, they’ll win. They find Mahabali Veera backstage, and shake hands with him, before moving out. Veera gets interview time now.

Veera has a match with Steiner next week. He says that he believes that actions speak louder than words, and he’ll defeat him next week.

We head to commercial.

It’s Guerrero Time

Sonjay makes his way into the ring, looking all ripped up, but he is very thin for a wrestler. He gets zero reaction. Chavo Guerrero enters to a pop. We’re ready. By the way, Harbhajan Singh, the goodwill ambassador for this project, is here for commentary.

We start with a regular lock up but then Chavo seems to get the upper hand. Sonjay taunts him and body slams him. Sonjay is playing with the crowd a lot, but finally gets a hip toss by Chavo, before going to the outside.

Headlock, before Chavo gains momentum from the crowd and gives a back drop, then gets drop kicked by Dutt. Dutt gets his offense in, but is drop kicked by Chavo. Guerrero gets a sweet hurricanrana, then gets a suicide dive on the outside on Dutt. Chavo then connects with a Swanton. Chavo gives the three amigos, but the Sheiks interfere and cost Chavo the match. Sonjay wins via interference.

Backstage, Magnus talks to his “boss” and says that they will take over Ring Ka King, to end the show.


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