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WWE Smackdown Thoughts For Jan 27, 2012

Welcome, to the official Smackdown review for this weeks edition. This week featured a Brodus Clay appearance, and a surprise return by Randy Orton! Let’s roll.

Missing the Friday Night Delight?

This is the go home show to the Rumble, so I’m waiting eagerly for it. Big Show comes in and says that he apologized to AJ, and she forgave him. Show gives an emotional speech about being a freak and wanting to retire, but says that he’s proud to be in the Triple Threat match on Sunday, but after that, he’ll take a close look at his career.

Daniel Bryan interrupts, saying that AJ has been heavily medicated, and did not get a response by Show. Bryan mocks Show before slapping him! He tries to slap him the second time before being blocked by Show who calls him an arrogant ass.

Mark Henry comes out telling Big Show that he doesn’t care about him, Daniel or AJ’s “training bra”. Henry is pissed off at the brawl from last week, but Daniel says that it wasn’t his fault.

Long comes and says that Show will face Henry and Wade will face Orton. Daniel Bryan is really happy at this.

Cody Rhodes again goes one on one with Gabriel, to produce the same result. If they really want to make up a feud, give Justin an upper hand sometime, notin a form of victory, but a sort of a cheap brawl win or something.

Sheamus beat Drew McIntyre. I’m happy to see Drew in a storyline, but where is this all heading? Teddy is seemingly doing nothing. Nor is Santino, except making blindfold matches. By the way, does anyone actually remember that McIntyre and Sheamus were friends?

San-Toshi faced Epico and Primo in another baseless tag match with the tag champs winning again. I think Kofi and Mason will be the number one contenders for the titles.

Daniel Bryan tells Mark to hurt Show in this match. Ha, we’ll see how that goes.

Wade Barrett cuts a really good promo here, saying that Randy has a big ego, and is a shell of a man. He says that Orton is a broken man. Orton comes out, all guns on Barrett here. Barrett is trying to flee away, but it’s not working. Teddy Long appears, and calls out some other superstars to stop this fight, and they are successful in doing so. Randy Orton just RKO’d all the saviors of Wade Barrett.. wow, I guess the right thing to say is Orton’s back, much to my dismay.

Bryan makes Kaitlyn tell Show that Mark is trying to injure him. Kaitlyn puts two and two together and asks if this is for his benefit. Bryan avoids her, but just tells her to ask.

Ted DiBiase, suffering from injury, goes one-on-one with Hunico, and I repeat this again, I don’t really like how this feud began. Seriously? You freak out because someone didn’t invite you to a party? Give me a break. Anyway, Hunico wins, and injures Ted more. So, is he off the Rumble?

I loved the fact that Alex danced with Clay too. On a side note, the white gear doesn’t suit Clay. Alex got squashed by Clay, and now it seems like Clay is getting a proper push. He is moving up the ranks.

Aksana defeats Natalya? I have nothing to say.

In the main event, Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring side for the match. Mark Henry collapses in the ring, and definitely seems injured. The match ends in the ad break, in count out. Daniel then comes in, and connects with a drop kick, before locking in the LeBell lock, but Big Show reversed it and went for the WMD, but Bryan escaped. That’s the end of it. Why wasn’t the Royal Rumble advertised?


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