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TNA: Ring Ka King Review For Jan 28, 2012

Welcome to the first ever review of Ring Ka King, which is TNA’s India project. This show features 30 superstars, some from India while the others are international superstars, to make up interesting fights. May I add, this is the first proper wrestling show in India, and I don’t want to go all TNA heavy here, but the first W in WWE was personified better by TNA.

They diversified, and boy, have they got a gem in India. So, without further ado, let’s begin the review. Catch Ring Ka King on Colors on Sat and Sun at 8 PM IST. Let it roll.

Looks pretty good, isn't it?

Before the show started, they displayed a countdown at the top left corner of the channel, ending at 8 PM IST, to signal the beginning for Ring Ka King. Do this always, TNA. It’s these effects that add to the curiosity of the show. Anyway, let’s begin.

The Celebrity Effect

We started the show with Indian singer, Mika, who came out with approximately 12 girls,performed a few of his hit songs, all in the Indian language, Hindi. He got the crowd pumped up for the rest of the night, which is a good thing. To all my American friends, let me tell you, Mika is the Indian Pitbull.

Yep, that’s right. Then, a lady ring announcer walks in, her name being Kubraa Sait, who can be called the Christy Hemme of India, only much worse. She gives a proper introduction for the show, then describes herself as the in ring announcer. Note, all of this was done in Hindi, not English.

She announces that in the following weeks, a tag team and a world title tournament will take place to crown the Ring Ka King tag champions and the Ring Ka King world heavyweight champion respectively. Till then, the commentators are announced, who are Joe Bath and Siddharth Kannan. Ha, him and me share the same name. On second thought, I hope we didn’t.

Harbhajan Singh, who is the brand ambassador for this promotion, walks in to a huge pop. It’s the Indian style of guest hosts, people. He gets a cheap pop after welcoming the fans. Then, he announces the wrestlers who will take part in the Ring Ka King world title tournament. There will be eight wrestlers. Each one is announced with their video packages.

The wrestlers are Chavo Guerrero, Maxx B, Sir Brutus Magnus, Doctor Nicholas, Mahabali Veera (who apparently is the John Cena of the company) Scott Steiner, Sonjay Dutt and Matt Morgan. The “commissioner” of Ring Ka King, Jazzy Lahoria is introduced, with his sidekick Deadly Danda, which translates to Deadly Stick. It sounds like a porn star’s name.

Harbhajan Singh, the Indian cricketer, gets the world title down from the rafters, and shows it around. He then wishes luck to all the competitors involved.

Jeremy Borash is introduced as the co-ring announcer for Ring Ka King. Not that I’m complaining. The first quarter final is with Mahabali Veera and Dr Nicholas.

It’s Veera Time

This Doctor guy supposedly reminds me on Eric Young, but is totally different. He is the only guy with a proper gimmick, his gimmick is that he injects people with his venomous injection which sends the wrestlers to the hospital. He is a psychopath.

Mahabali Veera, on the other hand, is a huge star here in India. I haven’t heard of the guy before, so both of these guys are new to me. Let’s see what they have got here.

The match begins with Veera getting the first few shots on Doctor, then the Doctor getting his offense in before Mahabali taking control again, and then defeating his opponent to advance to the semi’s. Mahabali’s finisher is the Spinebuster, but like Crimson’s Sky High.

On a side note, the referees wear green here. I don’t know, eco-friendly referees?

We head to this really long commercial. The show seems interesting so far, even though the commentary is irritating as hell. They add up all the catchphrases they know. Weird.

On a side note, the crowd looks great tonight. As I said earlier, TNA has hit a home run with having their shows in India, fantastic crowd.

We Three Heels

Backstage, Magnus is talking to some random guy when it is announced that Magnus will take on Morgan in the main event, as a quarter final match for the Ring Ka King tournament. Scott Steiner is telling Magnus to destroy Morgan, while Dutt screams non sense on the phone.

The American Adonis Show

Shera, an Indian manager, welcomes his “guru” to Ring Ka King, who is none other than Chris Masters, now known as American Adonis. Adonis is a heel here, but right now is getting mixed reactions. He says that he hates Indian wrestlers, due to the fact that none of them match his greatness.

It is ironic that a translator is translating English to Hindi, but anything goes. Adonis issues the Master Lock challenge Adonis Lock challenge, saying that he’ll pay the winner of the challenge the sum of one lakh rupees, if they can break his Adonis lock.

He gets a thin man from the crowd, named Zed, who certainly looks pale and weak. He asks him where he is from to which he replies that he is from my city, Pune. No, he did not actually say my city. He obviously got a cheap pop. He seemed ready for the challenge.

The lock was locked in, and that guy passed out in a minute. Adonis screams on the mic sayong that he told him so, generating massive heat from the crowd. American Adonis has it made in India.

Veera And Harbhajan

Mahabali Veera gets interviewed by the Indian Jeremy Borash, who’s name I have forgotten due to it being really uncommon. Sorry for that. He says that the road is tough now, but he will win the title after all, and is then congratulated by Harbhajan Singh and Matt Morgan backstage.

This guy has the look, but really needs to work in the ring. He seems like one small Mason Ryan.

One more ad break, and these ad breaks seem really long.

Morgan Deals With Magnus

Morgan starts with a few pushes to Magnus. The crowd is totally behind Morgan here. After some time, Magnus finally gets offense, starts with a kick to the gut, then gets his punches in order.

Magnus now is seemingly dominating Morgan, before Matt pulls a punch and gives out  a clothesline, which leads Magnus to go out and think over.On a related note, Sthe Siddharth commentator is heel while Joe Bath is face.

Anyhow, Magnus bails outside, which frustrates Morgan, who comes down and chases Magnus all round the ring. Magnus goes up and dominates again.

Morgan gets his vintage clothesline, then steps up with a choke slam and gives the Carbon Folltprint for the 1-2-3 and it’s all over.

Sonjay Dutt and Scott Steiner make their way into the ring, and it seems like they are going to destroy Morgan, but Mahabali Veera interrupts and helps Morgan. They then end up not fighting, if that sentence made sense. The show ended with a stare down between the four guys.




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