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WWE: Raw Thoughts For Jan 23, 2012

Welcome, enigmas to the official review for yesterday’s Raw. I hoped you joined our Live EGW chat for it. Let’s go.

CM Punk is out for a promo! This crowd is going nuts for him. It’s good to see that. It’s always good to see the crowd involved in the show, it gives a realistic feel to it. He criticizes John Laurinaitis, then calls him out to no avail. Instead, Cena comes out.

Cena actually says that he is sick of hearing Punk ramble! No no, IWC smarks, heel turn isn’t happening yet. He is here to protect Ryder (no surprise there) and wants to see the Raw interim GM fired!

Johnny Ace comes to the ring and after some time of trash talking, makes a tag match with Ziggs and Swagger vs Punk and Cena.

Pretty good opener for what is going to be an exciting show, it’s good to see Swagger’s team get the victory here. But, this just proves that Dolph isn’t winning at the Rumble. Momentum theory, folks. Anyway, nice match with it’s spots. It sets the tone for the upcoming matches.

John Laurinaitis accepts Punk’s challenge to face him in the ring. I’m pretty sure he’ll back off in some way.

Jericho and the Highlight Reel? Awesome. I hope the tron makes it’s return too, and one more thing: JERICHO TALKS.

Jericho comes, starts on his routine of shaking hands and screaming. Then he goes to the back to get a T-Shirt gun, ith a Raw shirt probably. He then takes the camera and films the crowd for some time before telling the crowd to shut up so that he can talk. They naturally comply. Jericho says these words, “This Sunday at the Royal Rumble..” and the crowd cheers like crazy. This is wild. This is awesome. Jericho continues, “it’ll be the end of the world, as you know it..”

Falls Count Anywhere match between Kane and Ryder with Kane dominating for most of the match. I feel that Kane should have directly competed at the Rumble, a match at Raw wasn’t necessary. Anyway, they choke-slammed Ryder to hell, which is the stage. The match was over this way. Well, I have no problems with that outcome. Ryder was carried out with the help of a stretcher. Woo woo woo, you know it.

Jinder lost to Sheamus in a quick match. This can’t exactly be considered a feud, can it? The only interesting thing about this match was Wade Barrett on commentary.

Miz in a backstage segment with Matthews and Truth. Truth comes in as a business guy and insults Miz. Johnny Ace tells them to shut up, and then makes a match with the loser being #1 in the Rumble.

William Regal is on commentary. Good, good. I hope he was there instead of King, but anyway, moving on.

Brodus Clay squashed Heath Slater. At least someone was happy to see Heath Slater.

Miz vs Truth was a good match in the beginning, but it was really very short. And, I’m not happy because they gave this on Raw, not the Rumble. Still, Truth wins, and Miz is No 1 in the Rumble.

Zack Ryder has a broken back. So, will that sideline him till Wrestlemania? You never know.

The match is up next, and backstage, Otunga and Funk man are discussing something. John comes out in a “Future Endeavored” T-shirt, with the sleeves ripped-off. This is magical. Otunga comes out and reads a scroll saying that Laurinatitis’s job is in danger. So, HHH is going to come for evaluation. Wow. Laurinaitis apologizes but says that he will not compete and will send Otunga in as a replacement.

Otunga beats on Punk in the beginning, but gets beaten up and the CM Punk wins with the Anaconda Vice.  Then, Punk gets angry but John extends his hand for a handshake. Laurinaitis gets a GTS for his troubles. Punk celebrates but Ziggler zig zags him.



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