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What If #6: Immortal Was Never Formed

Hello, readers. This is the sixth installment of my brand new series ‘WHAT IF’, which addresses a situation and predicts the following events if the result of the situation was totally reversed. Hope you enjoy.

Note: The first, second, third, fourth, and the fifth edition is embedded.

Some ideas in pro wrestling really change the landscape forever. Some are considered good, while some are extremely unnecessary, and are considered a bad sign. Let me take you back to August 19, 2010, when TNA wrestling was looked down upon by the fans.

An eight man tournament was scheduled, where the two finalists would compete for the title, since Rob Van Dam, the champ at that time has to vacate his championship due to injuries which were inflicted by Abyss.

Anyhow, the semi-finals match ups were Anderson vs Pope, and Hardy vs Angle. Anderson succeeded in his match and was one step closer to the world title. On the other hand, Hardy and Angle battled till the time limit, so five more minutes were added. They still could not finish the match. Again, on an episode of Impact, they wrestled, but it was declared as a draw. Upon further consideration, these three were included in the title match at Bound For Glory.

Someone had to join the dark side, and most people had their money on Anderson to turn heel again, as he normally does.

Side by side, Abyss was always talking about “they”, who would cause changes in TNA, and would get all the power. No one knew who they were.

The match went smoothly until Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan interfered. They got crutches and Hardy used it to beat up Ken and Angle, thus igniting and cementing his heel turn. He won the title. Later on, Abyss and  Jarrett joined them, to form a group eventually known as “Immortal”. Immortal was “they”.

Hardy proclaimed himself to be the anti-Christ of pro wrestling, and started explaining his turn by giving gout cryptic messages.

Many challengers came n the way of Hardy, but he demolished them all. On the other side, Immortal joined forces with Fortune, a group managed by Flair, to become more powerful than it already was.

Hulk Hogan made a new title for Jeff Hardy and Immortal. Members kept changing here and there, but the motto was still the same: dominate. They eventually won all the titles there were. They reigned supreme. They were truly immortal.

Fortune had enough of Immortal and so they broke up with Immortal, but Flair stayed. Immortal had lost it’s power. Then, Jeff Hardy-Anderson exchanged title reigns. But finally, the toughest challenge for Hardy had come. He had to face Sting. Everyone was considering this match to be a good one, and an epic match which would be remembered.

To be honest, it will be remembered, but not in a way Jeff, or Sting would’ve liked. Stinger won within three minutes and Jeff certainly looked in the influence and thus wasn’t allowed at the TNA events, which brought down his morale, as well as the company’s.

The “Immortal” idea just wasn’t clicking, but still, TNA progressed with it. Firings, hiring, new wrestlers joined and some quit  but still, Immortal was in existence.

Hardy had gone, so they tried to recruit two main wrestlers in Ken Anderson, who left within one week, and Kurt Angle, who stayed. Titles came and went. This idea had become stale. Many people left Immortal, and only a few, namely Scott Steiner and Bully Ray joined.

Immortal should’ve ended by then, but it didn’t. With three members, it still exists. It’s a former shell of itself now. Now, let me ask you.

“What if Immortal never existed? What if the concept of Immortal never came into fruition?”

I’d say, Immortal should have never formed. Immortal spoiled the storylines in TNA. The heels in Immortal vs the faces in Fortune feud never really worked out. The addition of EV 2.0 made it worse. Don’t worry, I’ll put my thinking cap on and book the match at BFG and what impact it could have.

I’d make Jeff Hardy win, but in a clean manner and by staying face. Thirty minutes into the match, Ken Anderson “Mic Checks” Kurt Angle, but due to exhaustion, both of them fall down. Suddenly, Jeff climbs the top turnbuckle, and “Swanton Bombs” both of them, simultaneously, to win the much deserved World Heavyweight Championship.

Next week, Angle comes out and says that he was this close to win the title again, but it got stolen by Hardy and Anderson. They were in this plan together, to screw Angle. Both of them interrupt and plead their guilty. A feud between Angle and Ken/Hardy was igniting when Samoa Joe interfered. He said that Angle was lucky enough to get a title shot, he didn’t even get one, even though he deserved it the most.

Sting pulls a Teddy Long and makes a tag match with Joe/Angle and Hardy/Ken. Hardy and Ken win it due to Joe leaving the match before it was over.

Next week, Angle comes out and says that he got screwed, but by Joe this time. Joe comes out and says that he doesn’t favor anyone, after all, Joe’s going to kill you!

Ken makes his way into the ring and tells Angle to cut it. Angle, he says, is not a good sportsman. They keep arguing with Joe interfering with his lines, then the World Champ makes his way out to the ring, and gives them all a match at the next PPV.

On the other hand, the “they” Abyss mentions are Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, MVP and himself. They plan to take over TNA.

That makes Fortune feud with this new group, which call themselves the “Saviors”, since their gimmick would be to save TNA from losers like Fortune. They would keep feuding until Fortune wins and Saviors turn separate ways.

Back to the world title picture, I’d hope Samoa Joe wins this, and reverts back to his arrogant, bad-ass gimmick he originally started. The PPV ends with these words by Mike Tenay, “Joe really killed Hardy, Angle and Anderson!”.

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