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WWE: Smackdown Thoughts For Jan 20, 2012

Welcome guys to the action-packed, enthralling…well, I welcome to this Smackdown review featuring the fallout from AJ’s “injury”.

This Brodus Clay is no more.

Daniel Bryan makes his way into the ring; all serious. He looks angry and cuts a great promo venting his anger on the Big Show and telling him to quit WWE. “He is a bitter, selfish, vengeful freak!”. Wow, Daniel Bryan put his heart into this, and it showed. Good job, Bryan. You have improved light years on that mic.

Cole and others talk abut this situation further. Which brings me to my point, in my opinion, I think Micheal Cole is the best announcer at the moment in the WWE. No one can get over/bury wrestlers like he does.

Cody Rhodes spins the Roulette, and gets a players choice feature. He says that he will face Ezekiel Jackson, which surprisingly gets a lot of cheers. A lot, I mean. But instead, he picks Hornswoggle. Why is that midget even on my TV set?

Justin Gabriel in to replace Hornswoggle after some minutes of shoving. Pretty decent match, with Cody winning clean, and to be honest, Cody Rhodes probably owns the mid card division at the moment, unless Sheamus and Wade Barrett are not mid card. He needs to main event, while others hold this title.

Mark Henry gets a lumberjack match, and now we know that he doesn’t win.

Epico and Primo are the most racist tag team WWE want it to be. The Usos are well.. never-mind. These guys are the unofficial no.1 contenders, and I hope they win the titles, they deserve it. On a side note, JTG should have never broken up with Shad. He could’ve won the tag titles sometime.

Sheamus gets a table match with Barrett. Interesting.

Dance off? With Brodus Clay? I knew this was going to come sometime, never knew that it was going to be this early. Vickie Guerrero is great or bad, it depends on what way you look at her. Vickie dancing really irked off the crowd, and they booed. You know, I’m suspicious of these reactions. Araine and Naomi dance for Brodus while Brodus just shakes his well..leave it. Brodus obviously wins.

William Regal? Haven’t seen him in a while. He joins the dance off and he actually has some great moves. Brodus Clay cross bodies him for his troubles.

I actually liked this match between Sheamus and Barrett, and tables added a little flavor to it. I’m glad Barrett won, and Sheamus got his retribution on Mahal and Barrett. Jinder doesn’t belong with these guys.

Flag match? Hunico vs DiBiase? It can’t get any weirder. Or racist. DiBiase wins and takes the US flag. Can we end this already?

Santino beats Drew in a blinding match? Wow. This can’t get any lower for Drew. But, it’s great to see McIntyre getting an actual program to deal with.

We’re down to the main event. “ALL DAY LONG!” Mark Henry does what he does best, he dominates the entire match. What I like about Daniel Bryan is that even though he isn’t a full fledged heel, he is getting a lot of boos. The action gets to the lumberjacks, who interfere in the match.

Daniel Bryan escapes cleverly with th following line, “Don’t touch me! I’m the world heavyweight champ!”. Wade Barrett with an awesome comeback, “Or what?”. Great, so Bryan escapes to boos from the crowd, and it is announced that Bryan will take on Show and Henry in a steel cage match at the Royal Rumble.


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