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WWE: Raw Thoughts For Jan 16, 2012

Welcome, folks to the official review of Monday Night Raw, which featured a lot of exciting segments. A title changed hands, Funkasaurus was..funky, and more. Let’s get down to it.

WWE started off with Mick Foley! They could’ve promoted it, but it’s a nice change. Cheap pop #1: Disney Land. He cuts a good promo, but announces that he’ll be in the Royal Rumble!

Vickie Guerrero looks seriously weird. Dolph and Vickie out with Ziggs wearing a pink shirt. Bret Hart tribute?  Wow, Dolph cuts an awesome promo and Mick gives a mediocre reply.

Hell, Dolph owned Foley. Punk makes his way into the ring and now he’s turning into every other babyface- kissing the crowd’s ass.

Laurinaitis is here and I’m a huge fan of his. He’s just great. He denies Mick Foley being in the Rumble while Vickie laughs.

No entrance for either tag team? Wow. Short match with Primo and Epico retaining their titles. Kofi should turn heel, as soon as possible.

I loved the Jericho/Funk man/Otunga segment, and Jericho is just awesome, along with Otunga and Johnny Ace.

Ryder faces Swagger for the title. I want Swagger to win. I also said this in the EGW Raw chat.

Swagger wins! This is awesome, I predicted this and it came true. Great change, and since he is the All American American, he deserves the title.

Eve is acting as Zack’s momma. No pun intended on that.

KK and Eve win, and Perez Hilton did nothing but got pushed around. What was he doing here? Total waste of time.

Wade comes out and says that he’ll be the Rumble winner. R-Truth appears, and wow, he is funny as hell. These men should have a feud, this is great. What? I didn’t like the slideshow though, but the segment was funny. Miz and Sheamus came and beat up all of these. Teddy Long out and he will obviously make a ..

Over The Top Rope battle royal? Awesome, glad to see the change, Long. R-Truth wins the battle (as I predicted) Sheamus brogue kicks Miz for his own pleasure.

Cena vs Swagger is next? Swagger is wrestling again? Okay.

Cena erupts on Swagger. He beats him up hard before Kane is here and says that Cena will embrace the hate at the Rumble. Cena acts as if he’s scared.

JTG is squashed by Clay. Sick segment.

Bryan says that he will dedicate his world title match with Henry to AJ, his 45lbs girlfriend. Okay, let’s go. Bryan got much heat, though.

A nice 6-man tag team match, with Chris Jericho trolling us all again. I got to admit, it was funny. Jericho got replaced by Foley, who defeated Otunga with the typical sock.

Wow, I take back my words about Punk being an ass-kiss. Great, edgy promo, I totally loved it. Laurinaitis was also great, that’s why I’m a fan. The shot to Foley was great too.

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