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WWE Smackdown Thoughts For Jan 13, 2012

This Smackdown took place on Friday the 13th, this week. Let’s see if it was lucky enough to impress the viewers.

Daniel Bryan is getting a heel reaction now, and that is good. He cout a fairly good promo, about beating Show but by being DQ’s and thus giving him another match. He has improved miles on the mic, I’m impressed.

Mark Henry is doing what exactly he needs to do. Great job, Henry. You still are dominant in my eyes.

Gabriel defeated Slater in a fairly quick match, and if they are having a long program, this was just necessary.

Is AJ turning heel with Bryan? We never know. I don’t think she’ll be believable though, she is very relate-able with nerds.

Cody Rhodes cuts a promo, which is good, but I preferred Bryan’s. And you rarely hear that from me, I’m a pretty big Rhodes mark. He says he’s going to pull a “Ultimate Warrior” and win both the World Heavyweight title and the IC title. If that really happens, that’ll be awesome.

Zeke should just cut all that hair, it looks fake, just like his body. Cody made short work of him and defeated him easily. Nor that I have any problem with it, though.

Santino has a pretty interesting idea, I liked it for some reason. Otunga is booked for a match again vs Marrella. Why don’t they just make Otunga a legal adviser on Raw and a Superstar on SD?

Drew McIntyre loses again, this time to Ted DiBiase. It’s good to see him in an actual program.On a side note, Hunico’s commentary is pretty interesting. Replace him with Booker T already.

Mahal thinks he’s winning the Rumble. Next.

Sheamus defeats Mahal for the 400th time. This feud has been pretty one-sided, to say the least. Mahal has got minimal offense thus far, and I don’t think he would ever go beyond the mid card. Sheamus wins again.

Daniel Bryan is shining with this heel turn, and is being effective like hell. Big Show’s also doing his bit properly. Good stuff all around.

Finally, Otunga wins a match! Yes, Otunga defeated Santino. I see something in him, and I think he is made for the WWE, unless Jennifer Hudson permits.

It’s funky time! Brodus Clay demolished Kidd in like, 20 seconds. Wow, best match ever. Brodus can dance three hours on a PPV and I don’t think anyone will mind.

On the other hand, Natalya jobs again. Seriously, what is up with WWE Creative and her? She’s a good athelete, book a feud between her and Beth already.

Barrett tells us that Sheamus isn’t a man of class and Barrett will win the Rumble. Highly possible.

Fair match between Show and Bryan, I liked the ending. Not the AJ hitting part, though. It looked like she could get up. But anyway, I loved how the crowd and Bryan handled the situation. The “She’s okay” chant just made my day. And even Bryan calling Show a “bastard”. Great events.