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WWE Raw Thoughts For Jan 9, 2012

Welcome, all to the official review of this weeks Raw, featuring the debut of Brodus Clay, and the follow through of Jericho’s return.

Kane is one of the best talkers in the WWE right now. He’s impressing me day-by-day. I feel that they’re making Cena an underdog, which I don’t quite think is working.

I kind of liked the brawl between Cena and Kane, I have no idea why.

A random tag match with Santino, Sheamus, Wade and Mahal. If WWE was smart, they would’ve given Wade’s team the win, since they need it more. But unfortunately, Santino and The Great White win the match.

The segment between Miz and “Big Johnny” was awkwardly weird. Now, they’re proclaiming Laurinaitis as a fair GM. I’m loving Otunga and this role, by the way. Miz got owned pretty badly.

Ryan doesn’t want to be Miz’s body guard. Hasn’t Miz heard of faces and heels?

Ryder is showing a lot of emotion this time around, and I’m liking that. Eve is more of a man than him, though.

Bryan is playing his role to perfection, and defeated Kofi easily. Somewhere, Kofi fans are disgusted with Evan. I don’t disagree with them, though. Bryan and Show have a match at SD, alright with that. On a side note, I love Bryan’s celebration.

I absolutely LOVED Brodus Clay’s debut. We don’t need another big heel, Funkasaurus gimmick is just too good. He squashed Curt Hawkins, as expected. Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler were all laughing on Brodus, and Brodus seemed to enjoy it too. Somebody call your mama! By the way, the dancers were Naomi and Araine, the NXT rookie and the Tough Enough’s first eliminated contest. Still don’t recognize her? Here’s a clue: Melina vs Alicia Fox.

Ryder and Kane have a weird segment.On the other side, Miz can’t get Mexican America to protect him. CM Punk watches this, and laughs.

Quite okay match, I’m not sure if that was the right ending, looked like an obvious botch to me.

Ryder and Cena have a segment talking about Twitter followers, passing Miz, and all. Ryder looked freaked out.

Miz recruits Ricardo to insult Truth. Wow, this is getting weirder every passing moment.

Ricardo pulls off some weak insults, and R-Truth owns him with his shtick. I’m liking WWE’s decision to keep him with Jimmy. Truth tries attacking Ricardo, but Miz comes in. R-Truth attacks him, before Miz fled.

Jericho trolled us again, and I’m loving these segments, even though the rest of you don’t. Jericho is creating suspense every time. I hated the tears part, though. Unnecessary.

Eve vs Kane? Wow, Eve runs away, Ryder takes her to his SUV, but finds out that there is a flat tire, wow. He tries to fix it, but can’t.

Pretty match between Cena and Dolph. I don’t know why, but I don’t want Ryder to be involved in this storyline. Kane is shown beating up Ryder, and Cena takes care of Dolph before heading out to face Kane, who beats him up badly.


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