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WWE Smackdown Thoughts For Jan 6, 2012

Welcome, everyone to the official review for Smackdown, which, in my opinion, was pretty lackluster. Let’s get down to business.

We start with the footage from last week, when Randy Orton was “injured” due to a nasty spot by Barrett. We get right down to things by kicking off with a Cody Rhodes match.

Booker has loads of it, and even though he is old, he can still hold his own. Cody is well, great. Back-and-forth match, fantastic spots, was at the edge of my seat after seeing Booker hit the Kick on Rhodes. But, Rhodes won, and retained the IC title.

Cody owns Dustin backstage. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Cody is going to have a program with him in the future, and that’s not good for Cody’s future.

Zack resigns from.. the assistant GM post. Teddy tells him to find suitable volunteers, so Zack gives Santino. Drew comes before him, and Santino and Drew get into a verbal argument. This results in a match, as always. The creepy music plays and Aksana comes in. Teddy tells her to accompany him to dinner.

AJ and Alicia have a weird segment, but was pretty good in cementing Bryan as a heel.

Heath Slater lost to Hornswoggle? Boy, this guy must have done something bad. Then, he proceeded to beat up ‘Woggle, when he was was saved by Gabriel.

Hunico and Camacho call for disrespect because Ted didn’t invite him to the posse.

Pretty short match with Hunico winning with an impressive maneuver. I see bright things in the future, Hunico.

Wade Barrett cuts a promo on how Randy was injured, and how he will win the Rumble. Sheamus interferes and says that he will win the Rumble. Jinder Mahal comes out (notice the nationalities) and slaps Sheamus, then a brawl takes place, with Jinder and Wade standing strong after hitting their finishers onto Sheamus.

Marrella defeats McIntyre, and thus Marrella is the new assistant to the GM on Smackdown, and Drew is faltering now. Drew tries making up one more excuse, and I think next time, Drew will win.

Fast paced tag team action with Air Boom and Rosa’s team, and now it’s painfully obvious that these guys are the next contenders for the titles.

Bryan is acting like a complete heel now, and no one’s noticing. I meant, the casual fans aren’t noticing, smarks. I love slow heel turns.

Tamina beats Natalya. What is going on? DIVAS.DIVISION.NEEDS.A.REBOOT.

Average match between Show and Bryan but the thing I loved about the match is the ending, Bryan proved that he was smart, and heel-ish at the same time. I smell a heel-turn.



3 thoughts on “WWE Smackdown Thoughts For Jan 6, 2012

  1. I am not quite sure it is a heel turn quite yet. Henry assaulted Bryan, remember. But I think more fans than you think are realising the possible turn. He got some boos.

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