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WWE Raw Review from Jan 2, 2012

Welcome, folks to the the first review presented by me of 2012. This was actually a very anticipated Raw, due to hype generated by the 1-2-12 vignettes. We also contested a live chat at EGW. Without further ado, let the review begin.

Credit to for the opening picture. It looks great.

We started with a Cena promo with him adding comic bits in the first part. It seemed okay, but then he mentioned Kane and his problem with him.

Now, they promo went really downhill. Kane’s music cut him off and then he wasn’t there in person but was talking by being backstage. He told Cena that he will experience the power of hate. Then he laughs hysterically as the turnbuckle pyro hits.

Daniel Bryan vs Cody was an average match. Daniel got the win here via a roll up. A pretty good match for TV.

Miz and Johnny actually have a good backstage segment, and I don’t know why, but Truth’s mannerisms made me laugh.

Wade Barrett comes and cuts a solid promo stating his claim to win the RR and injuring Orton. Santino counter attacks his statement and says that the “Santino Express” will run over the Barrett Barrage. The match begins.

Winds of Change is actually the Black Hole Slam used by Abyss over at TNA. Anyway, quick match, Wade out with a pinfall victory, normal squash.

I don’t think that this was a match, Miz attacks Sheamus but Sheamus beats him like hell. Then, Miz tries to escape via the crowd but R-Truth cuts a promo standing with the crowd. I’m really liking the new face R-Truth, and am glad that he’s not back to “What’s Up”.

The interview with Dolph is meh. Dolph states the basic facts, mocks America, but puts himself over and says that he will win the title tonight.

I felt that this match was quite okay but most have been disappointed with it. Liked this match, CM Punk and Dolph firing all guns etc. I like Dolph’s in-ring work more than Punk, and would also call him better, though. Anyway, Laurinaitis causes the distraction and Dolph wins.. by Count Out, but still takes the title and runs away.

Bellas win this match, I have nothing more to say.

Otunga and John boy are talking when Punk rushes and complains about all this. So, John makes a match for the Royal Rumble, CM Punk vs Ziggler, but the special guest referee would be Ace. I laughed at CM Punk calling John a bitch.

So, here’s the moment we all were waiting for.. the clip runs again, and then the person is standing on the ramp, with his jacket lighting, wow, that made me think he is Shawn Micheals for a second though. Pyro goes off and he is revealed to be.. CHRIS JERICHO! Wow, predictable, but still awesome. He plays along with the fans, he gets the microphone, but doesn’t talk. Superb. They set up for the next week. Incredible. I loved this.

Phew. For the main event, Kane’s not competing. So, babyfaces get the advantage? Swagger’s in the main event? Wow. Weird match with the faces winning but afterwards Kane steps in through the ring and chokeslams Zak. He attacks Cena and then tries to put Ryder through the hole, but Cena prevents it. This segment was freaky.


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