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WWE: Alberto Del Rio; A Victim Of Cruel Destiny

A time comes, when we can’t control destiny. There is a point of time, when we run out of luck, a time when nothing seems positive, and we are desperately trying to get out of darkness.

That’s exactly the time Alberto Del Rio has been going through. His career is hanging on a thread, at the moment.

Things always seemed right with him, he was destined to be the next breakout star. He had everything planned for him, but along the way, something just went wrong.

His WWE career started with vignettes, promoting a debut of a Mexican wrestler, named Alberto Del Rio.

He finally made his debut, interrupting Rey Mysterio, and then beating him one-on-one, CLEAN.

Every time, he used to arrive to the ring in amazing cars, with a personal ring announcer announcing him every single time. He set himself apart from others, he did the one thing a wrestler needed to do, and it was to make himself unique.

He kept defeating Rey Mysterio, making himself look credible every single time. He, then started a feud with Christian, whom he subsequently injured. He hadn’t lost a beat.

He was a part of the SD Bragging Rights team, but was unfortunately on the losing end.  He, then led a team to a Survivor Series 5 on 5 tag elimination match, which he lost, but was never eliminated. He was knocked out by the Big Show, and had to be carried away.

He set his sights for the ultimate prize in all of professional wrestling, the World Heavyweight Championship.

He went through 39 other men, to call himself the Royal Rumble winner. He had his Wrestlemania moment ready, he just needed a match. He chose the Rated-R-Superstar, Edge.

These two kept battling for months, until finally at Wrestlemania, the showdown took place. This was the very first match of what was anticipated to be a great Wrestlemania. This match certainly led us into believing that.

All great spots aside, this match was won by Edge, which was his final match ever. Then, Christian and Edge destroyed his Rolls Royce, in an attempt to extract their revenge. This is where things went downhill.

After Edge’s retirement, ADR has to face Christian in a ladder match for the WHC. But just a week before that, he was moved to Raw, which could possibly be the worst decision Creative made for him. Obviously, Alberto lost.

A glimmer of hope shone, at Money In The Bank, when Alberto Del Rio won Money In The Bank. We thought that this could be the second coming, or the rebirth, of the phenomenon known as Del Rio.

But that failed to happen. He did cash in on CM Punk at Summerslam, which was possible the least surprising cash in. Alberto Del Rio had a less-than-spectacular reign as champion, before ultimately dropping it to John Cean.

Creative changed their mind, and made him the champion again at Hell In a Cell, but this kept making him look like a coward in the eyes of every fan watching.

He failed to impress in what was his last chance, and WWE finally gave up the ball on him b making him job to Punk at Survivor Series, losing the WWE Championship again.

Which brings us to this moment, where Alberto has nowhere to go and nothing to do. A talented man with exceptional in-ring skills is now looked upon as a coward in front of everyone’s eyes.

The question now is, what does he do now? What can he do to regain his heat and the momentum? The answer is fairly obvious, and pretty simple. It all depends on Creative. But I will be taking charge here, and booking the man’s career all the way up till Wrestlemania 28, and will take all the possible twists and turns to make this as exciting as possible. Let’s go.

Alberto Del Rio: From Royal Rumble To Wrestlemania 28

Alberto Del Rio, fresh from losing his battle for the WWE title, says that he is focused to win the Royal Rumble again, but this time, the only thing that will change is the result of ADR’s match at WM, and he will win gold this time.

Everyone, from the commentators, to the superstars,think that ADR will win it, and would move on to WM, like he did last time.

Royal Rumble finally starts, and Alberto Del Rio comes at No 26, and beats up The Miz and throws him over the top rope. He will be all alone in the ring, and would be giving his trademark smirk, but at No.27 arrives.. Sin Cara!

Sin Cara beats Alberto Del Rio to a pulp. He tries to eliminate him, but can’t do so, due to Cara not being able to pick up a lifeless Rio.

Cena steps in at 28, and tries to help Cara but in vain. Randy is introduced at No.29, and him and Cena have a stare-down, after they both beat up Cara.

We’re eagerly waiting for the last entry, and it is.. Rey Mysterio! When he enters, Cara is trying to eliminate Del Rio. Mysterio comes and tries to help Cara eliminate Rio, but eliminates all three of them. Orton eliminates Cena to end it all.

Del Rio comes the net night and blames Rey Mysterio and Cara for his loss in the Rumble. He says, and I quote:

“I had my opportunity in front of me, I was going to win the Rumble, if it wasn’t for those perdedores Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio. Yo estaba tan cerca de ganar, y quiero extraer mi venganza ahora .. Cara y Rey, sal ahora mismo ..”

At that point, Rey Mysterio comes out and he says, “Hey Alberto, looks like you don’t know the rules. It’s every man for himself. You got to eliminate everyone to win. Cara and I were just doing that, we wanted to win. I don’t quite understand your..”

At that time, Cara interrupts, “Rey, creo que Alberto tiene una razón para estar enojado. Fue eliminado por dos hombres, que son mucho mejores que él. Los dos hombres que se sienten orgullosos de llevar las máscaras, a diferencia de Del Río, que en realidad representan a México. Del Rio debería estar avergonzado ..”

These men keep battling and so Teddy Long comes out and makes qualifying matches for Elimination Chamber. Del Rio faces Tyler Reks, Cara faces Rhodes, and Rey faces Justin Gabriel.

ADR and Rey are successful in their matches, but Si Cara isn’t. The EC match for the World Title is set, Mark Henry, Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Del Rio, Rey and Rhodes.

A grueling match between all these superstars takes place at EC. But, in the end, Cara comes out to distract Del Rio, and Rey gains the fall on Rio. In the end, Bryan wins by making Rey tap.

The next SD, ADR comes out and says that he was cheated..again. Rey Mysterio comes out agan, but this time, he actually agrees with Alberto. He calls out Cara and Sin says (in his own language) that he just wanted to help Rey achieve his goal. Rey questions the morals of Cara here, and a break up is taking place here, while ADR laughs on the whole situation.

This continues for weeks until Teddy Long is so pissed that he makes ADR vs Rey vs Cara, a triple threat match, set for WM28.

For the match, it would be a great 25-minute match with pure Lucha Libre styles of all the three men, with ADR constantly trying to lock in his submissions, and Rey and Cara try to capitalize on their high-flying styles. In the end, Sin Cara gives Rey Mysterio his C4 but Del Rio locks in his cross arm breaker at that time and Sin Cara would not be able to do anything about it, but tap.

Therefore, the winner of the match, Alberto Del Rio!

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