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Eigmatic Debate: My Answers (SiD)

There was an Enigmatic Debate contested at EGW with Ryan Frye, RiZE, Derek Dunn, Ben Gartland and me. My answers to the asked questions are below.

1. Who is the main man behind 1-2-12?

Everyone here predicts Chris Jericho to be the man behind these vignettes. Recently, Brock Lesnar has been added to the mix. From Undertaker to Layla, most of the superstars have been mentioned. But this time, I think, and it is pretty obvious, that it is Chris Jericho. From the catchphrases to the Maple leaves, it all screams Chris Jericho. Besides, the biggest clue is in the date, (Y) Year (2) 2nd (J) January. I believe that the person behind this is the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, Chris Jericho.

2. Is Ziggler worthy of a title shot?

Absolutely. No one deserves it more right now. Ziggler has proved himself every single time in that ring, and has certainly stepped it up, mic-wise. I do think he needs to drop Vickie, but still, he has worked his butt off and he certainly deserves the shot. On a side note, I’m a huge Ziggler fan, so it definitely pleases me that he is getting a title shot.

3. Predictions for Ziggler/Punk on Raw?

As much as I am a fan of Dolph, I know that he will not win. Punk has had a good reign till now, and since I believe Jericho will return and feud with Punk, so Punk retains here till Wrestlemania. I would like it to end in disqualification though, with Ziggler winning, it will nicely put Ziggs in the main event, and I’m pretty sure it won’t hurt Punk’s credibility.

4.Who should turn heel; Daniel Bryan or Big Show?

Here’s the fact, Big Show, as huge he is, doesn’t make me boo him. Simply put, I choose Daniel Bryan to be the heel in this feud. Daniel Bryan could be a convincing, bad-ass heel who could make anyone in the roster tap out, no matter what size they are. This could set up an interesting feud with Big Show proclaiming that Bryan can’t make him tap, whereas Bryan saying the opposite.

5. Predictions for Bryan/Show?

Wait, I just wrote that in the earlier slide. I predict that Show will proclaim that Bryan stole his moment, his glory and his fame to just impress his haters. He wants the title back. He also predicts that Bryan wouldn’t be able to make him tap. But Bryan thinks otherwise. He says that Show is a mockery of a giant, he never deserved to win the gold. But when Show won it, Bryan knew that he had to take it away. He also says that no matter what your size, he will make you tap. There’ s your feud. This could go on when Daniel defeats Rhodes at the Rumble and Show defeats Henry. At EC, Bryan barely manages to retain the title by screwing over Show. And at WM, you got your match.

6. Would you like to see Brock return to the WWE?

One part of me says yes, as I want to see Brock bring the pain. But the other part says no, as he is just like Mason Ryan and Batista, and he would take the spotlight away from the young stars. I will go with “no” here, since I think he wouldn’t help the business in any way, but would rather harm it. WWE is trying to create young stars right now which could lead them to a bright future, but Brock returning would spoil the whole plan, the focus will turn on him, and believe me, he should not be in the limelight.

7.Who should win the Royal Rumble?

“Who should” and “Who would” are two different things. Since you asked about who should win the Rumble, I call for Sheamus. He has been pretty impressive as of late with his face turn, and winning the Rumble would be huge for him. He could wrestle at ‘Mania with Bryan for the title. In all fairness though, I don’t think e will win the Rumble. Randy is injured, so he apparently has no chance, even though I thought he was one of the favorites. Barrett seems a close bet and so does Rhodes. I want Sheamus to win, but probably Barrett will end up winning.

8. Should MITB be scheduled for WM28?

I’m in affirmative of scheduling this match for Wrestlemania, this match kicks off Wrestlemania in a huge way. With all the high flying, and the cool spots, it really pumps up the crowd for the next matches. This match has it’s own flair which is required at Wrestlemania. WM27 was really lackluster, because it didn’t get a huge start it was expecting. Sure Alberto vs Edge was good, but the crowd was dead. That’s where MITB comes in. I even love the idea of one MITB winner, who can cash in on both the champs, rather than two MITB winners, who have to cash in on their brand champions. I’m all for a Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania.


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