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WWE Smackdown Thoughts For Dec 23, 2011

First of all, Merry Christmas, readers! Welcome to the Smackdown review. Sorry, but I was busy therefore I could not post it.

Big Show looked quite intense, and he is getting better day-by-day. He mentions his 45 second reign, Daniel Bryan beating him, Josh mentioning him etc. But, he says that he is proud of himself.

Mark Henry interrupts and looked angry as ever. Henry makes a few jokes, but Bryan interferes. He says that he is the best wrestler.

Teddy Long makes Big Show vs Henry for the No. 1 contender-ship to the WHC.

Cody Rhodes vs Zack was a good match with.. Zack winning? I know both of them are champions but still, Cody was better than him. At least, he lost dirty, not clean. On a side note, Booker is the most horrible singer I’ve ever heard.

So, someone except me remembers that Ryder was Teddy’s assistant. Aksana omes and flirts. Ziggs and Vickie come and ask for a match with Bryan. Long accepts. Awesome, a great match is what we’re going to witness.

So, apparently Mark can’t compete. David comes to tell Show that and receives a WMD for his troubles. Mark just walks away.

Sheamus won, and clearly he has no direction. Miz los, and that hurt him, in my opinion.

Wade considers himself a world title contender, but gets a solid beating by Orton. Good for you, Orton.

I love Rosa Mendes. This was a jobber match which, surprisingly, was won by Kofi Kingston. Nice match overall, jut a filler, though.

Great match by Bryan and Dolph until it was cut by Show and Swagger, and Teddy, as always, makes it a tag match. Believe me, he can’t do anything else.

Bryan and Show won. There’s nothing I can say.

How did you feel about this edition?



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