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WWE TLC: Preview And Predictions

NOTE: My predictions are also posted on B/R by GSM, along with Cool and RiZE. You can read that here.

US Title Match: Ziggler vs Ryder

I’m not very impressed with Dolph Ziggler’s show off gimmick, to be completely honest. I will admit that Dolph Ziggler is a budding star, who is going to earn his spot in the main event one day.

I’m not a Zack Ryder fan, I must add. I know this will generate a lot of hate, but he is not that good in the ring IWC claims him to be. I would proclaim him as average, and would definitely call Curt Hawkins better.

With that being said, I think Zack Ryder FINALLY wins the gold with the Rough Ryder, but shooting Dolph Ziggler to the main event.

Winner: Zack Ryder

Intercontinental Title Match: Rhodes vs Booker T

I have to be honest here, it feels great to see Booker compete again, and stepping into the squared circle, where he really belongs (Yes, in the ring; not on commentary) It is to be found out if Booker has in-ring rust, though, but I believe he’ll do fine.

Cody has been growing on me ever since his “un-dashing” gimmick. He has really proved himself this year, and he deserves the main event birth in the future.

Onto my prediction, Cody needs to retain here. I do not see Booker T losing clean because this feud has to continue, but expect Cody Rhodes to win, but dirty.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Tables Match: Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Randy Orton has been losing a lot lately, and thus has broken his persona of “Super-Orton”. Wade Barrett was lost in the beginning of the year, led Corre to no avail, he had on e of the least memorable IC reigns, but finally he has got a much deserved push.

I feel that the Barrett Barrage will run over the Viper, but again, not cleanly. A tainted win is what Barrett will get.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Ladder Match: Kevin Nash vs HHH

I think I can say this for all of us, nobody wants to see this match. I mean, Kevin Nash, who should have retired months ago, will face a not-so-young Triple H, in a ladder match? I seriously hope that none of these competitors break their quads or injure themselves. And what’s the point of hanging the sledgehammer on top anyway?

The feud will end, finally. I think that HHH is going to face the Undertaker at WM28 again, so this feud will be over. In my opinion, Kevin Nash has absolutely zero chance in winning this. Triple H will win this match, injure Kevin Nash, and shift his focus on the Undertaker.

Winner: HHH

Wold Title Match: Mark Henry vs Big Show

I’ve been really liking Big Show’s work, as of late. The man has been delivering solid promos, and hasn’t exactly given us terrible matches.

On the other hand, Mark Henry has been losing steam now. He is completely being owned by the Big Show in this feud.

My prediction is going to be short, and up to the point, Mark Henry will still retain the title, and I hope it is clean. Henry winning and this feud ending could open up doors for a new rivalry for Mark with Sheamus, Randy or Bryan. I predict the Big Show to be inducted in the Hall Of Pain.

Winner: Mark Henry

WWE Title Match: CM Punk vs ADR vs Miz

The WWE title match is totally different from what we expected, as Miz is in the title picture. It’s good to see Cena not involved in the title picture, though.

Alberto Del Rio just doesn’t click for me. I mean, he’s got good in-ring skills, but can’t cut a promo to save his life. Miz has been entertaining as of late, but I don’t think he walks out of Baltimore as the new WWE champ.

Alberto Del Rio has had two weak reigns, Miz is just waiting for R-Truth to return, and the person who is winning will be CM Punk.

CM Punk has a good thing going on, and retaining would do no harm to all the competitors present.

Winner: CM Punk

It’s doubtful if Epico/Primo face Air Boom at TLC, though. If they do, I expect Epico/Primo to win the titles and throw Kofi and Evan into obscurity. Kofi must be hating Evan right now.


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