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WWE Raw Thoughts For Dec 12, 2011

This Raw was average. The first hour was horrid, but it gradually improved in the next two hours. My thoughts for each segment is below.

The first segment was plain horrible. JR won the “TELL ME I JUST DIDN’T SEE THAT” Slammy, for dancing in the Micheal Cole challenge. Cole took offence to that, and Booker T made them square off in a battle rap.

Micheal Cole was way better than JR on the rap, and JR even messed up his lines, but due to his “kiss my ass” sentence, he won the round. Then he performed JR-a-roonie, which was plain terrible.

Mick Foley..and Ted DiBiase Sr. are here to give away the next award, the “Holy Sh!@ moment of the year”, which was won by Show and Henry.

Then, Big Show shows off his English by using ‘spectacular’ again and again.

Show vs Barrett is next, and a good decision was made by Barrett being disqualified. No one loses momentum, and right way to progress things. The match was average, though.

Wow, Road Dogg! He is here for the Pipebomb for the year, and we know who’s winning this! Dogg is in a DX shirt, and says that he is trying to stay PG. Amazing.

Naturally, CM Punk wins. Punk gives a good promo with a Johnny Ace mannequin, and recaps Funk man’s career, from being the guy on the skateboard to the manager. “You like me” was just awesome.

Lita! Wow, this night has been a night of returns! She looks good, and is here (after the mugshot) to present the “Divalicious Moment Of the Year” which goes to Kelly Kelly for being the champ. Seriously?”After that, Beth gets slapped.

Santino is with the Bellas to present the OMG Moment Of The Year and it goes to HHH. Santino had a few shenanigans before giving away the award.

HHH cut a promo on Taker, and then focused on Nash. Good promo, focused on all aspects.

Otunga and Atlas are here for some trending award. Otunga speaks while Tony laughs. Otunga says that the person who trends more wins. You have to be kidding me.

The match was brilliant. Great spots all around, and Ziggler wins by Zig Zag on Bryan. But the Slammy goes to Ryder, and Ziggler steals that too. He is a heel.

Christian is back, with the Game Changer of the year. He says that he should win this, since he came back after being injured. Edge should win this, he really deserves this.

Rock and Cena win this, are you serious? Cena came and cut a lousy promo taking shots at Rock, while loving the idea of getting a Slammy. Next.

A solid tag match with Viper losing, great. I am gaining respect for him everyday. Good match, Miz and ADR look great as a team, they looked dominant and got the momentum to face Punk at TLC.

Miz and ADR destroy Punk. Great.

Snooki wins the A-lister of the year. She promotes Zack Ryder. Enough said.

Was Jinder Mahal vs Sheamus even a match? Total squash, things are really going down for Jinder.

Rey Mysterio is here to present Superstar Of The Year! CM Punk wins it, but Laurinaitis comes to take the award. Gold.

Cena vs Henry was okay, until the pyro turned on. Kane was back, with a predator-mask, so to speak. Mark Henry left the ring, Kane choke-slammed Cena! Then, he removed the predator mask to reveal the actual mask!

I would not like to make a quick judgement here, as I would like to see further before making an opinion on the Masked Kane.

How was the Raw for you?




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