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WWE Smackdown Thoughts For Dec 9, 2011

This Smackdown edition was pretty good. My thoughts are below.


They showed that Cody assaulted Booker before the show started and thus he will not be announcing tonight. So, Cody is the new announcer. I liked it, this furthered the feud.

Then, Cody interrupts the returning Garcia, and tells her to watch and learn. Awesome.

Barrett vs Jackson was good, but too long. Seriously, Barrett took 7:53 minutes to defeat Zeke? I can’t imagine. Zeke got hair, though. I preferred him bald, though.

Daniel Bryan’s mic skills are seriously underrated. He is good on the mic. An intense promo by him, with the normal Cole interference, and it’s the second time Cody attacked someone. Monday was Zack, and I think Friday’s Cody.

Squash match with Ryder winning over Slater. Surprisingly, Heath Slater was the top trend on Twitter, and that too for over two hours.

Ted DiBiase won against Mahal. I think the time has finally come for DiBiase, and now he deserves the push he should have been given.

Big Show cut an average promo saying that he will shut the Hall Of Pain, and win the world title.

Mark Henry interferes and then buries the hatchet with Show, before saying that the match will be epic, and will be talked for long. Big Show drops him with the elbow drop. Good segment.

David Otunga had another match, which he lost. Sheamus defeated him via a Brogue Kick. Hornswoggle did the introductions.

Good match with Bryan and Cody before Booker interrupted and beat Cody, but Cody exited and ran to Teddy to get his match at TLC, but it is for the IC title. Wow.

In the main event, Randy beat Ziggler and he also beat the clock, so he decided the stipulation, which was a tables match. Considering Randy’s history with tables, I don’t think he should’ve chosen this but yeah, he powerbombed Ziggler after this.

What are your thoughts? Comment.




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