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What If #5: John Morrison Had Never Given The “Cold Shoulder” at WM27

Hello, readers. This is the fifth installment of my brand new series ‘WHAT IF’, which addresses a situation and predicts the following events if the result of the situation was totally reversed. Hope you enjoy.

Note: The first, second, third and fourth editions are embedded.

Pro Wrestling is a world full of twists and turns. On one hand, you can have the brightest spotlights shining at you, and another moment, you may be suffering from obscurity.

This has happened with most people; some cope up with it and fight back, while others can’t do anything about it.

Such is the curious case of John Morrison.

He started 2011 with a bang, kicking off with an explosive WWE title match, and even though failing, put up a great match, which could be called as the Match of the Year.

He steadily made his way to Royal Rumble, where he proved his critics wrong by performing one of the most spectacular spots in history. Even though he did not win he Royal Rumble, he made the lasting impact, and he would always be remembered for it.

He continued to show his ability at the next pay per view, the Elimination Chamber. Six men were locked inside, only one could leave as champion. John didn’t succeed (see the pattern; close but no cigar) but again, he climbed till the top and jumped, eliminating Sheamus, which was another beautiful spot.

He kept shining, even though he did not be on the winning end. The showcase of the immortals was near, and JoMo was put in a inter-gender 6 man tag team with Snooki and Trish Stratus to face LayCool and Ziggler.

This really started the downfall of JoMo. Reports were heading in stating that Morrison and Melina were against Trish competing, and wanted Melina to take her place. This, naturally angered the officials, but they decided to continue with Trish.

But after the match, Morrison did something that he might regret. Trish went to celebrate with him and Snooki, but instead, Morrison went ahead and celebrated with Snooki, leaving Trish out to dry. She did find it disrespectful and she complained.

And that’s why John Morrison was treated badly ever since, and has now left, due to his contact being expired.

Let’s pump the brakes here; I pose the million dollar question before you,

“What If John Morrison Hadn’t Done what he did? What if he played cool with both of them?”

I would say that John Morrison would now be the top-tier superstars, if he had not done that. I could see this happening:

John Morrison could continue his feud with R-Truth, and then move on to a feud with Ziggler for the US title, which he would finally win. Then, he would turn heel and start a feud (or continue, their feud was budding at Z!TLIS) with Zack Ryder, which would finally pay off at Survivor Series with Zack winning the gold and thus sending Morrison to the main event.

Then, a fatal-4-way would be scheduled for TLC, featuring CM Punk, The Miz, DZ, and JoMo. After a grueling battle, The Miz would win the title by pulling down John Morrison, who would have turned face by then.

CM Punk would feud with Ziggler, and The Miz and John Morrison could start their feud. At RR, John Morrison would face a random heel, and would defeat him, thus proving himself to be a threat. Miz would face Mysterio, which he would defeat with the help of Micheal Cole. Note, Cena stays out of the title picture, all the time.

At Elimination Chamber, John Morrison vs John Cena vs Rey Mysterio vs Miz vs Dolph Ziggler vs CM Punk would take place for the WWE title. Miz will win it barely by screwing JoMo, again.

And finally, at WM, he will face the Miz in a proper, one on one match, and would defeat him to attain glory and win his first world championship.

This is my two cents. What do you think would’ve happened?


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