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WWE Raw Thoughts Of Dec 5, 2011

This Raw was average, to say the least. It was like an overexposed Z! True Long Island Story plus parts of Cena. My thoughts on Raw are as follows.

Cena delivers his normal promo with him respecting all CeNation members and etc. and this stuff is just meh. Then, he says that Rock vs Cena should be for the WWE title and that’s why, he wants to face the WWE champ, CM Punk for the title.

Pretty boring stuff here. ADR comes and claims that the WWE title is his, and all these fans have nothing to do about it. He says that Punk cheated and he needs another match. ADR is becoming boring day-by day.

Vickie Guerrero comes in and Dolph states his claim to that WWE title match, stating that he beat Orton last week, which immediately sets him up for the title match.

Miz comes now, and he likes injuring his friends. He calls himself the Superstar of the year, and disses the other guys in the ring.

Laryngitis makes his way and tells the guys that they have to face off against SD stars to win the title shot. Not that good segment, bored the hell out of me, where’s CM Punk?

Miz vs Orton was good, glad to see Miz win it here, he totally deserved it. I wanted him to be in a feud with Punk, and I think I got it. Barrett and Orton have their thing going on.

Johnny Ace wants to break up Cena and Ryder. He books him in a “special match”. If Cena wins, he gets his title shot. If Ryder wins, he gets his US title shot.

Nash in a ladder match? Are you kidding me?

ADR vs Bryan was good, but Bryan jobbing again? We could have done with ADR losing though.

I fail to care about the Divas.

Okay match with Cena and Ryder. Cena won, and that’s alright with me, to be honest. Ryder looked frustrated, though.

Slammy’s in next week.

Cena surrenders his title shot? Great WWE, a man can just leave his goal to help his friend? I have never seen this happening.

So, Ryder has to face ‘X’ to get his title shot? Z!TLIS here..

Ryder vs Henry was not good. Cena helps Ryder, seriously? So, Cena is acting like Ryder’s mom and fighting the battles for him. I’m in shock, and anger now, I fail to see the logic, WWE.

Squash match with Nash and Santino. Just can’t care for Nash’s match.

Sheamus won it, and that’s exactly what I didn’t want. Ziggler has proven himself at the top and he deserves that match, even though it’s a fatal-4-way, I’m disappointed with the show so far.

CM Punk, Miz and ADR contract signing was the best part of Raw. I loved the Twilight mention, loved the whole segment to be honest. The “photo” thing was a bit over-the-top, but it was interesting nonetheless. CM Punk destroying ADR and Miz was cool too.

What are your thoughts? Comment.


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