WWE Smackdown Thoughts For Nov 29, 2011

This was a special Smackdown edition tonight, and on top of it all, it was live! Mick Foley, the special host of this Christmas edition, had his moments. Let’s see what went down!

The opening segment with Mick Foley introducing Micheal Cole and going down to business was alright. Cole looked like a jackass though. And Josh, who himself was dressed up like an elf, was poking fun at Cole. Irony at it’s best.

Booker T was Santa II and then the best part of SD interfered. Cody Rhodes was at his best here, criticizing Booker and all,  but I’d have liked it if the match happened at a PPV, to be honest.

Mistletoe on a Pole? Seriously? The gimmicks keep degrading every single time, I’m sick of these matches now. And what’s the incentive? The diva can kiss a superstar? Give me a break. And a Bella won, so ADR is going to be the obvious pick.

Jinder Mahal vs Gabriel was a squash. And good that Gabriel won, he is a top talent. Jinder Mahal, I’m not sure, maybe obscurity.

Sweet backstage segment with Dusty Rhodes, Piper, Foley and Goldust. David Otunga vs Orton; we know who’s winning.

Booker is assaulted by Rhodes, which is a good move. They should milk this feud and save it for the PPV’s.

Glad to see Kofi get a win. He’s suffering because of Evan and when Evan returns, I hope they can get back to their winning ways, as they were earlier. Tyson Kidd hanged in there too.

Random segment with Aksana and Long.

Squash match between Orton and Otunga, and thankfully Barrett came down the isle, otherwise this would have been over in less than a minute. Poor Otunga, wrong place at the wrong time.

Mark Henry has a good segment in the trainers room. And now, a Christmas battle Royal is taking place.

Hornswoggle wins. I’m sick of this. ‘Woggle being pushed makes no sense. But the battle royal was full of jobbers, except Sheamus. So, what will Woggle get?

So.. Woggle wants to talk? Really?

Good main event here, Mark looked dominant while making Bryan look strong. Bryan had his moments, Mark certainly had his, and their styles mesh really well. Good, I’m happy.

So, Mark vs Sow is booked for TLC? Why not three way with Daniel Bryan?

What were your thoughts? Comment.


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