WWE Raw Thoughts From Nov 28, 2011

This Raw was a solid one, in my opinion. Headlined by a WWE-title match, and a guest appearance by a Hall Of Famer, this Raw was bound to be interesting.

The Piper Pit’s was an awesome segment, in my opinion. Piper didn’t have rust at all, and he totally owned Cena, while Cena was singing praises of his Rise Above Hate catchphrase. This “heat” he gets is not normal, and this shows that WWE has realized that. Great segment, loved the Piper slapping Cena part especially.

Seriously, good segment to kick off Raw.

JoMo’s last match was good, but it definitely was set up for Miz’s dominance and JoMo’s inevitable departure. They played up the injury angle, and I guess WWE will always go the same way, if they need to “future endeavor” a guy. Kayfabe injure him. Miz looked pretty dominant, though. He is set for a WWE title feud, I guess.

At least John Morrison didn’t job to Brodus Clay. Thanks you John Morrison for entertaining us in your WWE career. Hopefully you’ll end up in TNA.

The divas tag match was meh. Bellas are pretty much Alberto Del Rio’s arm candy now, and Kelly and Fox are the No. #2 and #3 faces of the diva division.

On a side note, Alberto Del Rio in WWE’12 looks completely out of shape.

So, Brodus’ debut get’s pushed for the next week, and that makes me think if WWE actually has any plans for him. David Otunga has practically no storyline, except for hanging out with Laurinaitis.

The Punk facts and figures were hilarious. Especially the David Otunga one. Gotta love Punk, he is the most interesting person right now, I suppose.

On a side note, if you type in ‘sid’, you get approximately 1,330,000,000 results. Beat that..

Randy Orton vs Ziggler would be the match of the night, I suppose unless ADR pulls of a miracle and wrestles like he knows he can do. Anyway, good match. Glad to see Ziggler winning, and doing that handstand. He is the next big thing (no pun intended)

Randy’s jobbing a lot these days, and that has actually made me appreciate his work ethic and talent now. I respect him.

Cole would be the best heel manager, if he manages someone. Announcing is not the role for him, he is too good of a heel. Moving forward, okay segment, really loved Bryan’s intensity and the underrated mic skills, here. Great job.

Mark Henry did his work, and Bryan and Henry totally built up their clash tomorrow.

Zack Ryder won vs Swagger. Squash, Jack got a jobber entrance.

Mick Foley dresses up as Santa and promotes him being the host for tomorrow’s SD. Have a nice day..

ADR vs Punk was a good match, but didn’t beat Orton vs Ziggler though.. Probably because of the stipulation and the interference. Punk had to win, he won. But now, will ADR get another shot? He is booked for TLC, but still, he’ll have to earn it.

That’s it. What are your thoughts? Comment.





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