WWE Smackdown Thoughts On Nov 25, 2011

This Smackdown was a great show, to say the least. I’ll give my thoughts on each segment order wise.

The opening segment was.. Awesome! I loved the Mark Henry and Big Show promo, they recapped the storyline and added a few bits here and there. Wonderful.

Ad then, the best was yet to come. Big Show knocked Henry out cold, and our boy Daniel Bryan rushed and cashed in the briefcase and won the World Heavyweight Title!

I have to admit, I marked out. I, with the others, was cheering loud and proud. Our dream had come true, Bryan had achieved what no one expected him to do.

Teddy Long played spoilsport, and this makes me think that he isn’t convincing as GM. Give that position to Regal already.

To note, next week Henry will defend his title in a steel cage match.

Justin Gabriel vs Hunico was a good match. Hunico needs a new gimmick, or and explanation on why he is the Mexican rebel. Hunico won, as Gabriel had nothing going on.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya aren’t doing anything significant, to be honest. Divas Of Doom isn’t really working. They should fight each other, that could improve the division, this was short and a squash.

Mark Henry and Long segment was just meh.

Sheamus and Zack Ryder segment was fun, and I have to say this, Sheamus is more entertaining than Zack Ryder. I said it.

The tag match involving JackDolph and Sheamus and Ryder was good. It had it’s high spots, and I think Sheamus is set for a World Heavyweight Title run. I hate that theme though.

Daniel Bryand and Wade Barrett hype up the 4-way match, AJ kisses Bryan. Hell, I’m jealous.

Slater vs Ted DiBiase was an okay match, but was a filler. Jinder has really watered down from the point he debuted. And DiBiase, he is getting a push. I don’t know what is it leading up to, though. Slater’s back, and that’s.. wel, nobody cares.

I love Cody Rhodes, you already know that. I really liked his promo, and I’m loving the idea of a feud with him and “Shucky Ducky Quack Quack” Booker T. Saying that, he won’t win the 4-way today.

Great match, with a great ending. Bryan won this match, and he deserved to. Killer match, with spots, it’s moments, and overall a good ending to SD. Daniel Bryan gets another shot, I love that. But I found the RKO to Cody unnecessary.

How did you feel about this edition? Please comment.




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