John Morrison: My Letter To You

Respected John Morrison,

You have been a hero to me throughout my life. Whenever I needed inspiration, I looked for you. You capture the brilliance of athleticism and pro wrestling and bond it into one, strong thread.

This may be a surprise to you, but I’ve followed you since your Johnny Nitro days. You were always the breakout star. Everywhere you went, you would shine. You’ve had amazing matches, which have left me speechless. You are not just a human being, you are a legend.

Yo have made me a fan; fans saw the second coming of Shawn Micheals in you. But I didn’t see a second Micheals, I saw a first John Morrison.

Your Falls Count Anywhere match with Miz would always be a match of the year contender, even if it is ignored by the WWE. The ladder match with Sheamus, was a work of art. You have never disappointed, and you never will. And your matches with CM Punk on ECW, my god, those were the best I’ve ever seen. Ever.

You’ve made me mark out numerous times, it has made me scream (on my TV set) that, “John Morrison should be the next world champion!”

You are known by many nicknames, the Shaman Of Sexy, The Prince Of Parkour, The Guru Of Greatness etc. but all these don’t even justify your greatness.

You’ve been through your hard times. But the fact that you keep fighting out of your problems is truly incredible.

You are not similar to anyone, you are different, and that is what exactly makes you stand out.

This letter may seem like a mess, but I can’t help it. I’m just blurting my honest thoughts regarding you.

Mic skills has been a common factor for all the haters, who criticize you based on, “Hey, Jo-Mo needs to improve a whole lot, man”. Little Jimmy, no, the promo skills are above average, in my opinion.

I still look up the Dirt Sheet on YouTube and manage to get a few laughs out of it. The comical promos on Drew McIntyre still make me laugh.

In short, Morrison has all the tools. All the tools. All he needs is a better place to work, a place he can achieve recognition at. A place where fellow employees treat him with respect, and not utter disgust.

John Morrison, you deserve better. You will get better.

You will be a champ one day, for the simple fact that you are John Morrison, and you’re better than everybody.


One thought on “John Morrison: My Letter To You

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