WWE/TNA: John Morrison Leaving WWE?

via SEScoops.com:

After almost a decade with WWE, RAW superstar John Morrison’s days as a WWE superstar are almost over. His final scheduled appearance with WWE will be next Monday’s RAW Supershow.

According a source, Morrison’s WWE contract actually expired over the summer – and he signed a short-term extension that is now up.

Morrison has been unhappy with his role in WWE for quite some time – and the feeling is apparently mutual, with WWE not making much of an effort to keep the Prince of Parkour.

Word going around is that TNA is very interested in bringing in Morrison and Melina as a couple. With his star power coming off a lengthy run in WWE,  TNA would make Morrison the centerpiece of the company’s X-Division. No word yet if Morrison has spoke with TNA yet, directly or in-directly.

At to whether Morrison would be interested in TNA, we’ve heard conflicting stories. Morrison has been dealing with nagging back and neck injuries and will likely take time off to heal.

One reliable source said Morrison is interested in leaving the wrestling business entirely and getting into acting.

Hmm… what do you guys think about all this? Please comment.


2 thoughts on “WWE/TNA: John Morrison Leaving WWE?

    • JoMo could have been the next HBK in all the right ways. But I think his personality holds him down. TNA can be interested in JoMo, but once he goes to TNA he’d be lost in their shuffle of 45 workers. Saying JoMo should be part of the X-Division is like saying RVD and AJ should be the cornerstone of the division. They’re above the belt right now.

      If anything JoMo should start up his own company in Los Angeles with RVD, KAZ, and Daniels (once their contracts expire). Those 4 could be the backbone of an awesome company.


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