WWE: Does Cena Deserve All The Hate He Gets?

John Cena has always been on the top of the totem pole. Whether it’s the merch sales, the star power, or the promotions, you’ll find one thing similar in all these events. The name; John Cena.

John Cena is a household name now, everyone in the house knows about that ‘pretty little kid’ trying to live his dream.

People used to like him at first, but it settled down. They eventually grew sick of his shtick and wanted to boycott live events, due to his appearance.

Hell, the people I know find Justin Beiber better than him.

Seriously, John Cena has always had a mixed reaction. Or, as WWE would say, “Cena is a very polarizing figure in all of WWE”.

The hardcore fan wanted change. We were sick. WE HATED CENA.

So, we took the common road of booing Cena like typical IWC smarks, and I think I was wrong at it. Here’s some reasons’ why:

Cena Works Hard

Cena works hard; it’s a fact. Whether it’s in the ring, or outside, promoting, Cena puts his all. You can expect nothing less than 100 percent from Cena. He can face an injury on a day, but still would show up on the next day, due to his work, and him loving the place.

I don’t think we should hate him for this.

WWE Creative Decided His Character; Not Him

WWE Creative is the main head after all. They are the ones who choose the storylines, the gimmicks, and let’s just say, practically everything for the roster. The same happened with Cena. Then, why are we angry on him, and not Creative?

Food for thought.

He CAN wrestle

Seriously, Cena can’t wrestle? He is a former OVW graduate, and that makes me think that he does wrestle. His so-called 5 moves of Doom hold no truth. I researched and found out Cena’s moveset:

  • Belly to back suplex
  •  diving leg drop bulldog
  • dropkick
  • fisherman suplex
  • gutwrench powerbomb
  • belly to belly suplex
  • Thesz press
  • running shoulder block etc. with the Five Knuckle Shuffle
  • STF
  • the Attitude Adjustment

Doesn’t look like 5 to me, does it?

The Rock also has a varied moveset he uses to end his opponents, then why the hate on Cena?

The last argument for now..

Cena doesn’t put anyone over

To be honest, I somewhat agree with this notion, every feud Cena has been involved with, the opponent comes off as weak. Hmm, as I stated, it’s WWE creative to blame, not Cena.

It’s not like he goes to Vince and says, “Hey Vince, I’m in the mood of another title reign, give me one”. No, he agrees to all that is being told to him and follows that.

And he is also promoting Zack Ryder.

You still got any more arguments? Criticisms appreciated, and compliments as well.




3 thoughts on “WWE: Does Cena Deserve All The Hate He Gets?

  1. Good read broski.

    Here’s the thing with Cena’s hate: he is hated because he is simply booked like Superman. But the IWC can’t simply say that they hate him for that, they have to come up with crap like “he has the five moves,” or “his fanbase is kids.”

    Deep inside, we all know that they love-to-hate Cena, and it’s probably their favorite thing to do as fans.

    BTW, if more people read this article, you might start a trend on the 10 moves of doom!

  2. I think Cena’s hate comes from… he’s popular boo him. Nickelback gets the hate too.

    John Cena has a lot of pros and cons. He looks like a wrestler… in street clothes. The Rock and every top end guy has the same 10 moves that we see in every match including the likes of, CM Punk, Bret Hart, RVD, HBK, HHH all use the same moves that are SAFE. Sometimes a main eventer pull out a moonsault or use their finisher from the top rope. Cena is no different. Hell sometimes he’ll stack two guys ontop of one another. Cena isn’t as flashy as the Rock. he’s sloppy. I’d say Cena is more of a … stand up brawler.

    I think Cena can have great matches, but with his style he needs more than 10 minutes to have a good match. Also he needs someone bigger to have a good match with. JBL, Brodus, Brock and so on.

    Cena is stale. RVD is stale. Cena gets more heel heat than his opponents which is a shame. It means the heels need to get more heat on them before a match with Cena.

    What do fans want Cena to do when fans boo him? Do they want him to say fuck you fans and flip them the bird and turn instant heel cuz the fans will it when the company says FACCCCCEEEE! The flaw here is the booking, not the top faces. The flaw is that Cena is super human. Look at his physique, he’s second generation in the business, he is tall, he’s good looking with Will Smith’s face, he’s charasmatic, he’s a good role model who has yet to get busted for anything, and again he looks like a wrestler. That’s a damn good formula to selling out 10,000 people. Or rather he needs to do less work to sell out 10,000 people. Other guys just need to be booked correctly to sell that many, while Punk can go out, pick his nose and say I’m just me and sell out that many people.

    Oh and to top it off, Cena sells $6+ million in T-shirts per year. Its not just kids. There are some arenas he goes to and I see a sea of Red T-shirts like the WWE gives them out or something. Yet other arenas boo him. There are certain crowds of arenas that just like to go against the grain.

    A catch to putting someone over would be Cena disappears afterward. If he doesn’t disappear, then no one takes that top spot. Therefore even if Cena were to lose a dozen times to the same guy in a row, that guy still wouldn’t get over because the top guy is still on the roster.

    I say going into the summer have Cena lose to a top guy … not Nexus who were 7 jobbers on a show 1/3rd of your audience watched. Then when football comes back, Cena comes back too. Then you have an instant feud, old top guy vs new top guy.

    Just my rant. Oh and a rant like this, you’ve gotta wonder… am I really Cena’s daddy?

  3. Great read as usual Sid.

    Like Cool said, he is hated because of his booking. I like Cena. I really do. It’s obvious that he loved what he does and I’m glad you pointed out that he doesn’t book his character. It’s ludicrous to even consider that a possibility. I don’t think he has put enough guys over but if there ever comes a time, he’ll definitely do it.


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