WWE: Raw Review For Nov 21, 2011

Hello, folks. I’m your reviewer SiD, but now, I’ve abandoned the review style, now I’m just going to post my thoughts on WWE programming, every single time!

Let’s begin.

Credit to The Enigmatic Generation Of Wallpapers and American Dolphin


The opening segment was good, CM Punk got a good ovation. His storytelling part was a bit put on, but it served it’s purpose. I liked the ‘agent of change’ part too. Heck, even I want the ice cream bars.

Laurinaitis interfered, and boy, Johnny is good. Laurinaitis totally didn’t understand the problem with Punk, so Punk told him that Vince was a soulless bastard.

Punk teases a Ryder vs Dolph feud but instead, we get a better match with Dolph Ziggler!

Zack vs Alberto Del Rio served it’s purpose of making ADR look strong, and at the same time making Zack also look strong. It was a fun match, with ADR winning with the arm breaker. I kinda want a new finisher from him, a grapple one, the enziguiri isn’t working well with him.

Sheamus vs Swagger was another match, it was not needed, but it was fun nonetheless. But had nothing to do with build up though, it was just Sheamus proving his dominance on SD.

Kevin Nash is impressing me now. After weeks of me getting bored listening to his promos, I can finally say that he has improved. He looks great for his age too. Solid promo, he even mentioned Hall, his feud with HHH continues.

Cody Rhodes vs Santino was completely useless, it served no purpose but the aftermath did. Booker T and Rhodes feuding is a big plus in my book, and I would love to see Book putting Rhodes over.

Dolph vs Punk was absolutely gold. Kinda sad that they gave it off on live TV, but still pretty happy. Great match, exactly what I wanted, no gripes, smells Royal Rumble to me.

Big Show segment was quite okay, to be honest. He made fun of Henry. Okay. Next.

Kelly vs Beth on WWE12 was good.. But overhyped, just promoting WWE12.

I actually feel sorry for Kofi. His partner is suspended and because of that, he has to face the wrath of jobbing. Wade is destined for something big, and again pulled off a solid win here. Kudos to both.

The ‘Cena’ segment was quite corny in my opinion. He gets a lot of heat, but talks about the universe and magical moment etc. He did manage to get Fruity Pebles, You Can’t Wrestle and Rocky Sucks chant.

Awesome Truth broke up, they were a good team but that was just because of the suspension. I still don’t like Truth turning face whereas Miz stays heel.

That’s it, folks. Did you like it? Please comment.



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