WWE/TNA: RVD Interested In Jumping Ship

Credit to SEScoops.com for this..

The official Twitter feed for the Power Slam wrestling magazine stated Thursday that a TNA wrestler is considering joining WWE. We can’t really confirm the validity of this story, but Power Slam editor Findlay Martin wrote:

“Someone told me this week that is seriously considering a return to WWE”

Van Dam performed for WWE from 2001 to 2007 before joining TNA Wrestling in 2010. Should RVD return to WWE, he would should join a select group of former WWE world champions—Booker T, Kevin Nash and Mick Foley—who joined TNA and ultimately returned to the Stamford based organization.

I don’t believe this information. RVD back? Again? I think he’s content with TNA to be jumping ship again.

If he does join WWE, do you expect him to put over guys? I don’t. He’ll probably win all the titles, and then be the show off he is.

Besides, he wants to make a drug legal, that wouldn’t make WWE wanna sign him, because of their strict Wellness policy.




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