WWE: Survivor Series Preview And Predictions

Welcome to my Survivor Series preview, this was also a part of The Enigmatic and Charismatic Clique, which can be seen by clicking this.

Let’s go.

Match: Wade Barret’s Team vs Randy Orton’s Team

MATCH THOUGHTS: Ziggler’s doing double duty again, and that’s great. Someone with half a brain knows that Ziggler’s time in this match will be short due to him being exhausted by the match earlier. He will beeliminated early.

Wade Barrett being the leader of the team is awesome, though I’d prefer Rhodes. Wade has done NOTHING to prove himself as captain,
while Cody was working hard the whole year.

Randy Orton is the most, let’s just say, important man in this match.Expect him to stay through the end.

Hunico and Cara have their thing going, it will continue here. Kofi is just here because Evan is suspended; at least Kofi got a match at
Survivor Series.

PREDICTION: Dolph will be eliminated early possibly by Kofi, who in turn gets eliminated by Hunico. It’ll be four-on-four then. I think
Hunico and Sin Cara will eliminate themselves by count out, as they keep brawling outside.

Now down to three, Mason Ryan eliminates Jack Swagger. 3-on-2situation, before Wade and Cody together eliminate Ryan, making him look strong (WWE’s idea, not mine) and two survive. Cody Rhodes is in the ring when he fights off Randy before Sheamus Brogue kicks him and pins him, thus eliminating him.

Immediately after that, Barrett capitalizes and eliminates Sheamus via Wasteland. The captains remain. Wade tries to fight off Orton, but Super Orton survives, and gives an RKO, to end it all.

WINNER: Orton’s Team

Match: Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison

MATCH THOUGHTS: I believe that this should have been a three way with Ryder in the mix. I know they gave a statement saying that Laurinitus give opportunities if you earn them’, but I don’t buy that. I expect it to be the opening match; mostly ten minutes would be provided. It will have John Morrison pulling off his crazy stunts, plus Dolph showing his grappling plus athletic skills.

PREDICTION: They could have JoMo win in order to re-sign him, but Ijust don’t see it happening. I fully expect Dolph Ziggler to steal a
win with John Morrison JUST coming up short.

WINNER: Ziggler

Match: Mark Henry vs Big Show

MATCH THOUGHTS: This comes off as lazy booking to me; Big Show gets another shot? Really? Who wants to see this match except for Vince?

Two giants facing each other is never a sign of a good match and I don’t expect this notion to change this time. It will be rewarded with
its full fifteen minutes, and most of it would be Show and Henry

PREDICTION: I could see the Big Show winning and then starting a feud with Christian or Daniel Bryan cashing in his briefcase, Kane could also interfere. But, I also believe that Mark Henry needs this win to cement his status as the top heel in the WWE at this moment. Big Show just took his momentum, and Henry needs to regain it via this match.

WINNER: Mark Henry

Match: Eve vs Phoenix

MATCH THOUGHTS: I still stick to my point and say that Eve should NOT get another title shot, Natalya deserves it. This does not interest me at all, it is pretty predictable. I think this match will go on for three minutes.

PREDICTION: Do you seriously think Eve will win? I don’t. Beth willwin, so they Divas Of Doom can break up and start a feud between
themselves to make the Diva’s division interesting again, and this will lead up to Kharma entering the feud when she returns. For now,
Beth Phoenix will be the victor.


Match: CM Punk vs ADR

 MATCH THOUGHTS: Huh, the WWE champ time. ADR has been boring these recent weeks, and Johnny Ace and Punk have noticed that. Punk has been himself all through, but lost steam a while ago.

This feud was all about asking, as Punk first asks about the title match, gets it, then ADR asks about cancelling it, which is not fulfilled; I am not interested in this feud at all.

PREDICTION: WWE has painted itself in a corner here, just like the Rock vs. Cena match at WM28. If ADR wins, CM Punk will remain the
close-but-yet-so-far kind of guy, and ADR will again get no heat.

But, if CM Punk wins, ADR will be considered as a joke, a transitional champion. He needs the victory as much as Punk and I feel that ADR will be the victor.


Match: Rock/Cena vs Miz/Truth

MATCH THOUGHTS: The most built-up match of this card, Rock and Cena will definitely be the stars of this match, putting Miz and Truth on the back burner.

I know that they will play up the no-trust scenario many times, and thus Awesome Truth is going to get ignored throughout the match. This will be the main event, no doubt.

PREDICTION: As much as I would want to go to the fantasy world and play the Cena being heel stuff, sadly, that’s NOT going to happen.
This is what I think will happen.

Rock will first tease a break up, but then will take a hot tag from Cena, and then Rock Bottom R-Truth and will give the Peoples Elbow on the Miz for the pin and the win.

Then, Mick Foley comes out and celebrates with both of them, with the same shirt he was wearing at Raw. He hugs Cena, and goes to hug the Rock, but Rocky Rock Bottom’s him again!

Then they could play up a jealousy story, but that’s for another time. For now, Rock/Cena will be winning.

WINNER: Rock/Cena

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