WWE: Matt Hardy Kicked Out Of Rehab; Then Arrested

TMZ reports:

Former wrestling champ Matt Hardy was kicked out of court-ordered rehab today for failing a breathalyzer test … this according to multiple sources.

Earlier this year, Hardy was ordered to go to rehab by the court after a string of run-ins with the law. 

We’re told the staff at the rehab got suspicious of Hardy’s behavior on Friday and gave him a breathalyzer test on the spot … which he failed. According to our sources, Hardy was adamant he wasn’t drinking … and said he only failed because he had “just used mouthwash.” 

The staff wasn’t convinced and gave Hardy the old heave-ho from the facility.

Back in September, the Moore County DA said if Hardy didn’t comply with the treatment, he would be put in jail on a million dollar bond. We’re told Hardy still had about a month to go before he was through.

And they posted this update afterwards:

Hardy was arrested as soon as he got off a plane tonight in Moore County, NC. He was booked (above) at 1:30AM ET for violation of a court order.

I could go on a big rant on Matt Hardy, but for those who remember, I wrote an article about Matt Hardy a few months ago stating this point. I’ll put the article in this post. The article is below.

Matt Hardy, once called the ‘Responsible Brother’

Matt Hardy, the heart throb of thousands of teenage girls, is a former shell of himself. Matt Hardy was once called the ‘most deserving’ guy to win the world gold. But I was never one of them. I knew that Matt would turn out like his brother. But I didn’t know, that he would turn out worse than his brother.

For those who don’t know, I was never a supporter of Matt Hardy. I wasn’t a supporter during his tag teaming days, his Version 1 days and not his ‘singles run’ case. I knew Matt had something in him which proved to be correct. Yes, he had. A mental disease.

For those following the whole incident on Twitter, just like me, it was sad to see a person post an abnormal note on Twitter (the original video has been removed) But, in Hardy’s case, he just made a fool out of himself.

His brother, his girlfriend, his friends and his relatives were declining any truth in this video. The fans, or to be more precise, the Internet marks, already knew that Matt Hardy was just trying to get attention and enhancing the ‘reborn’ shtick he has begun with. Hardy fans, with all due respect, did you really think Matt is going to commit suicide? Oh, don’t answer that!

Let’s consider the facts here, Matt has at least thousand fans all over the world (or USA for that matter) Still, only 25-30 fans called the police to ask about his welfare? You know why,

They all knew Matt Hardy was joking. He was just trying to garner attention.

And finally,

When everybody came to know about the truth, the damage had been done. Everybody, even me, lost a hell lot of respect for Hardy.Twitter exploded with jokes about Matt Hardy’s silliness. And though he trended on Twitter, his respect was lost. As a saying goes,”A mistake can’t be forgiven by doing thousand good deeds” The case is same for Matt Hardy.

Jim Ross found it stupid, Reby Sky and Jeff Hardy also found it stupid. Shane Helms, was not even commenting on it. Everything was right before everyone’s eyes. “Matt is just an attention seeker”

Then, Matt posted another video (given below) stating that the metamorphosis was complete and a new Hardy is born etc. We all had seen what unfolded before and we knew that it amounted to nothing… It only proved my case of Matt Hardy being crazy.

Does this mean that I am appreciating his brother? Hell no. But is he better than him? Yeah. Jeff, with his next and possibly last run in TNA, is proving to be all work-efficient and no drugs, alcohol etc. But to end this rant, I have a message for Matt Hardy…..

Matt Hardy…  This is my personal message to you….

Matt Hardy, you and your brother used to call Punk a ‘nerd’ for being straightedge…… And you and Jeff always thought of enjoying life etc.

Now who’s the winner, Matt? CM Punk is winning people’s hearts all over the world, Jeff, at least he’s realising his mistake and working on it but you…

Matt, you’ve lost your fans, your life and especially your tormented career…



To sum it up in a short version like Cody Rhodes did when he was ‘dashing’ and feuding with Matt Hardy:

“Matt Hardy, you’re no more Version 1,

You are Version Done”



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