YouTube: Z! True Long Island Story; You’re Done

First off, I’d like to plug this article on the same topic by John Cavanagh, click this.

39 weeks ago, a Long Island WWE jobber thought of an idea that could change his status, or get him fired. He created a YouTube show, and took shots on WWE, while displaying his personality.

Everybody seemed to love it, and appreciated Zack Ryder’s courage to go on a limb.

But now, it is fairly obvious that WWE controls the show.

If you are a true fan and not just a “Hey, everyone’s a Ryder fan, I should also be one” guy, then you must have noticed this pattern:

Introduction.. Sign Of The Week.. Random Raw segment.. Broski of the Week.. Ryder/Stanford/Ziggler segment.. End. (You can also add random-superstar-challenging-Zack there)

SEE? It has definitely become boring and entertaining. Excess of everything is bad, and this is no exception.

Ryder, let’s end it for good. You have achieved your goal, the fans have finally made you, now it’s time to end it.

Woo woo woo, you know it.



2 thoughts on “YouTube: Z! True Long Island Story; You’re Done

  1. I don’t think Z!TLIS is done. It might be retired for a while, but I don’t think it’ll ever be completely done. After the YT show ends, I believe that it could transition into an on-air show, much like “The Cutting Edge,” “Carlito’s Cabana” or even “Piper’s Pit.”


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