What If #4: Christian Never Left For TNA

Hello, readers. This is the fourth installment of my brand new series ‘WHAT IF’, which addresses a situation and predicts the following events if the result of the situation was totally reversed. Hope you enjoy.

NOTE: The first, second and third editions are linked.

William Jason Reso, better known as Christian, is an amazing technician and a great wrestler. He can succeed no matter where he goes. He has built a legacy for himself no matter what comes in his way, he is destined to make his way out.

He has gone through his hardships though, and faced them like a man.His real life, and kayfabe best friend, Edge has helped him a lot over the years.

But, Edge was pushed to the moon like nothing else, while Christian was stuck in mid-card, fighting his battles against the likes of Tomko, Swagger etc, whom we could wrestle with his hand tied to the back and being blindfolded.

And so, in 2004, Christian became the bad guy. No more goodie-two-shoes, he turned heel.

Tyson Tomko started accompanying Christian to his matches, and was dubbed the ‘problem solver’, and would get Christian cheap victories.

More dilemma continued and Christian, was well, a MAJOR part of it. He was drafted to Smackdown, created the ‘Peep Show’.

But then, his contract expired. Dave Meltzer said that WWE offered him a contract, but he declined. He politely declined WWE and it’s lucrative offer. He wanted change.

He did complete his requirements form the current contract though, he appeared at Oct 31, 2005, the last day we expected to see him EVER in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Many fans missed him. They wanted to see him, wrestle.

But November 13 changed that, as he made a return.. to TNA. He was billed as ‘Christian Cage’, an old name which he already used. He made his intentions clear the first day, as he wanted the title from Jeff Jarrett, the champ at that time.

To sum this up, he got instant success.

He was in TNA, and main evented a lot, a thing he never used to be in WWE. Christian became the NWA world title at Against All Odds, 2006.

Christian had numerous title defenses, and he overcame all of them, except his longtime foe, Jeff Jarrett, in a Jeff Jarrett special, King Of The Mountain match.

Cage became friends with Sting, but turned on him and turned, again. He let Jarrett defeat him again because he smashed a guitar over Sting’s head.

He feuded with Rhino, and that intense battle was fun to watch, to say the least.

But then, Christian’s former team member, Tyson Tomko made a TNA debut and joined forces with Cage himself, to form the  Coalition.

Christian won the title again, and defended it successfully, before losing it again.

Then, he was ‘attacked’ by the Main Event Mafia, which was enacted due to him leaving the company. Questions arose on Christian’s next move. He wrestled for the independent circuit before ultimately joining the WWE.

His WWE stint was not-so-successful to say the least. He wrestled for the C brand, ECW before the show ended altogether and was then drafted to Smackdown, where he was successful in winning the world title twice, but both reigns were less than a month.

And now, he’s injured.

Certainly, his second coming with the WWE didn’t work, and so, I pose this question before you:

What if Christian NEVER joined TNA? What if Christian stayed in WWE the whole time?

My theory to this problem would be:

Christian would have been a successful main eventer right now. He would at least have been a four time champion, and would’ve had solid reigns, unlike the ones he’s had in the present.

He would be considered legible, he wouldn’t have his CLB gimmick, and overall, would have been a full time player in the WWE.

But all we can do is bitch and moan and bitch and bitch and bitch…


7 thoughts on “What If #4: Christian Never Left For TNA

    • I disagree, it make more sense that if a guy stays with your promotion he’d be pushed more than a guy that left and came back, but I honestly think if Christian was a guy that Vinnie thought highly of, than he’d be in the main event picture more often, regardless of whether or not he left or not.

      I just don’t think Christian has it, if I started a promotion today, I wouldn’t want him.

  1. I’m not the biggest Cristen Fan. But if he didn’t leave? He’d probably have more title reigns, not that matters, # of defenses is the real stat.

    I think he would have main evented more but his problems are with his persona. He has no gimmick really and his mic work is sub par. His inm ring work is said to be good but other than a few good spots, I just don’t see it.

    I’ll say this though, I loved Edge and Christian as a tag team, maybe C-Dog just needs a guy to play of off.

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