WWE: Raw Rating Breakdown Is Here!

Via SEScoops.com:

As noted before, the November 7th RAW Supershow did a 2.86 cable rating with 4 million viewers and the trend continued of ratings dropping as the show went on. ESPN’s Chicago Bears vs. Philadelphia Eagles game did a 12.28 rating with 16.85 million viewers and RAW finished #2 behind that game on cable for the night.

In the segment breakdown, the show opened at a 3.21 rating for the segment with John Cena, Zack Ryder, The Miz and R-Truth. John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler lost 582,000 viewers while JTG vs. Mason Ryan gained 203,000 back. Kofi Kingston vs. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio lost 212,000 viewers. The segment with Del Rio and CM Punk gained 314,000 viewers for the 10pm timeslot.

Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella and the Maxim reveal with Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres, Natalya and Alicia Fox lost 275,000 viewers. Kevin Nash’s segment lost 70,000 viewers. The main event with Cena and Ryder vs. Awesome Truth gained 233,000 viewers, ending at a 2.94 overrun. The gain from the main event is considered very low for the overrun.

Bad. Just Bad.


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