WWE: Christian Injured?

Credit to SEScoops.com:

reportedly suffered a leg injury at Wednesday’s SmackDown live event in Brussels, Belgium.

Christian hit the mat early in his bout against Sheamus holding either his knee or ankle. After consulting with the referee, he stood up on one leg to receive the Brogue Kick and was subsequently pinned. He was then assisted to the backstage area by personnel.

Following the brief match, Sheamus talked to fans at ringside, signed autographs and posed for pictures.

SEScoops.com reader Joreon, who was at the Brussels show, sent int he following report regarding the Christian situation: 

“I attended tonight’s Smackdown house show in Brussels, Belgium and we witnessed a possible legitimate injury to Christian in his match with Sheamus. I did not see what caused it but very early on in the match Christian was down holding either his knee or ankle. After shortly consulting with the referee he got up on one leg, took Sheamus finisher while standing on one leg, was pinned and then had to be helped to back by the ref and another guy which I assume was a trainer. The match was cut way short because of this and it seemed like Sheamus tried to make up for it by staying longer then usual after the match talking to fans at ringside and signing autographs and taking pictures.

This is sad, Christian finally reaches the semi main-event scene, and poof!, he is injured again.

I wish him well and I hope he recovers soon.



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