EXCLUSIVE: My Conversation With Dave Lagana

I recently talked about the IWC smarks with Dave Lagana, and he started a conversation with me! If you know:

David Lagana is currently working for TNA, has previous experience with RHO and WWE. Here is the conversation:

SiD: What do you think about the so called #10percenters?

Lagana: i didnt understand the question

SiD: The ‘internet smarks’; what do you think about them?

Lagana: I focus on each and every one, not a group. And tell me, how does me answering this question enhance your day?

SiD: Hmm.. I understand. That’s very well indeed. Good day to you, sir

Lagana: you still didn’t answer my question

Lagana(2): Tell me, what are the 3 recent PPV’s you’ve bought and the recent events attended?

SiD: I just wanted to know what your opinion is on that situation, as most haven’t been supportive of this IWC.

SiD (2): Hmm..Money In The Bank 2011, Royal Rumble, WM27.. Attended, hmm.. MITB 2010 and RR 2010. Why did you ask that?

Lagana: we entertain fans every time, isn’t that supporting?

SiD: (apparently 2 got aborted) It is but, I’m not naming names, wrestlers call us “fat internet geeks” and “10 percenters”, sorry, but that isn’t respect for me

Lagana: worry about how individual people treat you (not a group). Spend your time on positive things to improve your world

SiD: Sure, I’ll try to do that, then. I’ll take everything in a positive way, and people treat me fairly to be honest.

Lagana: thanks for this discussion

SiD: Thanks to you too, thoroughly enjoyed it. Just to inform, I’m a pro wrestling writer, and I write for EGW, HTR, and my blog.

Lagana: Hope you’re happy with the progress you have made as a writer and find an audience for all you do.

SiD: Thank you, I have certainly done that. Thanks for this conversation, sir. It means a lot to me, as you’re one of the best people..

To be honest, Dave did come off as a dick first, but he changed pretty quick. RiZE and me called it mood-swings.

Please comment with your thoughts!



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