EvE: The Greatest Match In History Of Survivor Series (Raw Brand)

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In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away- Shing Xiong

Survivor Series is one of the most spectacular events in the wide history of the World Wrestling Entertainment.

It has been the second longest running pay-per-view, just behind Wrestlemania.

The attitude era, the ruthless aggression era and the PG-era, all have been witnesses to the grandeur, that is Survivor Series.

It’s 2+ decades of extravaganza has given us fantastic matches.

None better than Shawn Micheals vs Bret Hart.

No, I’m certainly not talking about the most reputed event in WWE, I’m talking about the Shawn Micheals vs Bret Hart 1992 which changed the landscape of the WWE forever.

On one hand, we had the excellence Of Execution, The WWF champion (at that time) Bret Hart face off against the then Intercontinental champion, Shawn Micheals. Bret had solidified his place as the main eventer of the show, while Shawn was coming into his own, as a singles competitor.

But, in the good old days, the Intercontinental title was considered the next best thing after the World Heavyweight title.

The match was for the world title.

It had everything a great match should’ve had. Solid build up, storytelling, grappling techniques to name a few.

Let’s look into the detailed description of the match, shall we:

Build Up:

WWF had planned a match with the British Bulldog defending the Intercontinental title against the Mountie, but Smith was released. He was made to drop the belt to Micheals and thus, we had a new IC champ. He was scheduled to face Bret at Survivor Series, for the WWF  title.

Money, I must say. Put together two excellent performers and you’ll never disappoint.



Shawn knees Bret in the gut and Shawn tries an amateur takedown; Bret sits out and they roll to the ropes. Bret flusters Shawn early on and Michaels uses the hair to pull Bret down; Bret reverses. Shawn keeps trying to pull Bret’s hair but the referee keeps catching him. Michaels drop-toeholds Bret into a chinlock but Bret Hart counters immediately into a keylock. Shawn finally gets to his feet and finally reverses the hold; Bret momentums him to the floor and break the hold. Bret flips Shawn back into the ring via slingshot and reapplies the armbar.

Vince McMahon amuses himself taking shots at Bobby Heenan throughout the wear-down holds. Bret hits a high crossbody for two, the kick out sends Bret to the floor so he returns via slingshot sunset flip for two; arm drag push Shawn back into the armbar. Vince tells us that both men are in good conditioning by way of ICOPRO. Shawn gets a short right into Bret’s face and Bret tries a hiptoss but Shawn flips through it and tries a clothesline, which misses and Bret scores with a clothesline for a nearfall. Bret reapplies the armbar; Shawn fires him off, catches Bret and falls back clotheslining Bret on the top rope. Hart comes back but Shawn sidesteps a corner charge and Bret posts his shoulder. Michaels works the shoulder with a single-arm DDT and stomps Bret. Shawn fires Bret into the corner and Bret hits hard chest first; Shawn grounds Bret with a reverse chinlock. Bret tries to free himself but Shawn pulls the hair and keeps the advantage.

This is like the WrestleMania XII ironman match with most of the fast paced stuff edited out. Bret tries a comeback but eats a dropkick for two; Shawn hits a backbreaker for two as well so Shawn reapplies the headlock. Bret comes back again and hits a swinging neckbreaker and but Shawn gouges his throat to keep on top; Michaels drives Bret down into a front facelock. Bret forces Shawn into the corner and hits a bulldog headlock but Bret misses a second-rope elbow; Michaels hits a reverse elbow for a nearfall. Shawn goes back to the front facelock. The referee checks the arm, which fires Bret back up into an inside cradle for two. Shawn misses a charge and Bret backdrop suplexes him. Shawn tries a Thesz press but Bret catches him and slingshots him into the ringpost. Bret springs up and tosses Shawn into the corner horizontally; Bret kicks his gut causing Michaels crotches himself. Bret hits a back body drop and gets a nearfall; Russian leg sweep, backbreaker and driving second-rope elbow get a nearfall. Bret hits a superplex and both men are down for a double KO. Bret slips an arm across Shawn’s chest for two. Bret applies a sleeper hold and Shawn back Bret into the corner to break but sandwiches referee Hebner as well.

Hebner recovers rather quickly as Bret catches Michaels’ boot; Bret tries to spin him into an atomic drop but Michaels flips over. Shawn tries an O’Connor roll but Bret reverses, so Shawn drops to his knees momentuming Bret through the ropes, to the floor. Shawn posts Bret’s back on the floor; Shawn breaks the referee’s count and bodyslams Bret on the floor. Back in the ring, Shawn tosses Bret’s back into the buckles and backdrops him; a frustrated Michaels argues with the referee allowing Bret a reverse roll-up for two. Bret walks into the superkick (not his finisher yet); Shawn hits the Teardrop suplex (his finisher) for a nearfall. Shawn is exasperated and Bret comes back a ties Shawn in the ropes; Michaels frees himself just in time to avoid a flying Hitman and Bret sails into the ropes sideways. Shawn Michaels ascends the buckles and Bret catches his legs on the landing and applies the Sharpshooter for the submission and the win.


Great match, totally had me into it. Thank you both for this amazing encounter, you made me a fan that day.


Shawn Micheals then feuded with Marty Jannety, for the Intercontinental championship.

There goes the match, but I’d like to state why I think this was the best match in the history of Survivor Series.

You look at Bret Hart, then you look at Shawn Micheals, and the next thing you know, is that they’re in a match.

Mouth watering, right?

These both have revolutionized wrestling. Their matches NEVER disappoint (if you don’t count Bret vs McMahon) and this was basically digging up the gold they already had.

Vince knew it; and this was a match that was made in heaven.

Further proof, the writer for The History Of WWE, Matt Pettycord said that this match was a ‘must-see’.

The 26:40 minutes of a great pro wrestling match made me a fan. This is why the business is revered by so many of us.

To conclude, I must say, Survivor Series has gone through a lot of great matches, but nothing beats the essence, class, and the impact of Shawn Micheals vs Bret Hart 1992.

Pro Wrestling is an art, but at Survivor Series, Shawn Micheals and Bret Hart were the painters.

-SiD                                                                                                                                    http://wp.me/1O2QI



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