What If #3: The Rock Hadn’t Return To Guest Host WM27

Hello, readers. This is the third installment of my brand new series ‘WHAT IF’, which addresses a situation and predicts the following events if the result of the situation was totally reversed. Hope you enjoy.

NOTE: Here are the first and second installments.

Vince McMahon can do anything for money. And by anything, I mean anything. He has the desire to earn money, like no one else.

And to increase the buy rate of WWE’s showcase of the immortals, Wrestlemania, he got the idea of getting a ‘special’ guest host of that night.

Suggestions like David Arquette to Justin Bieber were discussed, and in the end Justin Watry was chosen to be the special guest host of Wrestlemania.

No, it’s certainly not Justin Watry, it was the Rock. Entertainment was back again. We craved for his return and we finally got it.

Let’s see what impact did he make when he arrived, or to say, returned.

February 14, 2011:

The WWE universe was eagerly anticipating the guest host. A car came in and a lady walked past, who we thought was Stephanie McMahon. But it did not turn out to be her.

The Rock was revealed as the Host of WrestleMania XXVII, appearing live on Raw for the first time in almost seven years. During a lengthy promo that ran 20 minutes over the usual Raw end time, The Rock addressed the fans, Michael Cole, The Miz, and John Cena, calling him a “big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles”, as a response of a shoot interview Cena did on The Rock a couple of years ago.

He succeeded in one thing, that is electrifying. The fans were entertained. Cena was looked upon as the bad guy.

March 28, 2011:

Cena gave us a rap after that promo, which was good, I had to admit. We then got numerous Rock appearances form the Rock via satellite, and that’s what Cena used to try to get the support back.

But as they say, the charm of the Rock is overwhelming. He had to make a live appearance before WM, and he did that the week before, at Raw.

At the beginning of The Rock’s live promo, he again made fun of Cena’s accessories, calling him a “homeless power ranger” and “Vanilla Ice”. After an exchange of words with Cena, The Miz and Alex Riley appeared and attacked The Rock. The Rock fended off Miz and Riley, but Cena then blindsided The Rock with the Attitude Adjustment on The Rock in retaliation to their feud.

April 3, 2011 (Wrestlemania):

He was involved in two main segments:

1. Opening Wrestlemania

The Rock comes out and takes his time getting to the ring. The place is seriously insanely packed. “Finally, The Rock has come back to Atlanta.” And WrestleMania. He says he has goosebumps. The Rock has the crowd say “Mania” after he says Wrestle. He takes his first shot at John Cena, saying he’s backstage picking out which rainbow colored fruity pebbles t-shirt to wear tonight. The crowd chants Fruity Pebbles. Rock smiles at that. He has the crowd say “Dabba” after he says Yabba. He does his usual catchphrases: the millions, eyebrow raising, etc. He does some custom Atlanta references to the crowd’s delight. Big “Rocky” chant breaks out as he’s finishing up. “If ya sm…..” he cuts himself off. “Oh, no-no-no. No!” He says it’s the most electrifying catch-phrase and it doesn’t belong to The Rock, it belongs to the people. He says they’re gonna do something special. He tells everyone to stand up. He has them all take The Rock’s position leaning back with the mic. EVERYONE is doing it too! They all say “If ya smell, what The Rock is cooking.” Cue Rock’s music.

2.Interference In Miz-Cena Match

The Miz-Cena match ends in a double count-out first. Then, The Rock comes out and says there’s no way WrestleMania ends like that. He demands the match be restarted. Now it’s no count out, no time limit, no DQ, no doubt about it, no crying to your mama. He does a few more catchphrases and the match resumes. Cena goes to work on Miz. He throws him back in the ring. Out of nowhere, The Rock hits a Rock Bottom on Cena and walks off. Miz crawls over and pins Cena for the 1-2-3. Miz retains the WWE title thanks to The Rock.

Now the question I ask you is, What If The Rock hadn’t returned?

What could have been the pros/cons:

1. Guest Host trouble

They would have to decide a proper guest host with no shenanigans, and who could electrify the crowd. I don’t think so that WWE could’ve found another man lke the Rock, so I would say, good decision.

The hosts I’d have thought WWE would pick: Justin Bieber, Stone Cold or some celebrity.

2.What would have been the other person’s role?

This is the toughest of them all. What would have been the other persons role (if he wasn’t the Rock) in the event? Just cut a promo in the starting (or in case of JB, sing Baby and leave) and then leave? Fail, in my book.

To conclude, I personally think that WWE picked the right host in the Rock and if he wasn’t the one, WWE wouldn’t have amassed the buy-rates they have got for WM.

If ya smell….

9 thoughts on “What If #3: The Rock Hadn’t Return To Guest Host WM27

  1. I think that Bieber would have hosted WrestleMania, since the creative team reportedly got told that and already had a script ready for him. I’m assuming those were the original plans but changed once The Rock was free to co-host. WWE wouldn’t have gotten the same buys, but they would not have been so bad since a bunch of girls would buy ‘Mania just to see The Biebs sing.

    Arrive. Sing Baby. Leave.

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