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Hey, folks. Today, I’ll do something different. If this becomes a hit, I’ll do it every time, I’m going to list down, and elaborate, all the latest happenings on the world of pro wrestling, so sit back and enjoy!

WWE News: Development Wrestler released; Update on Andy Leavine

Accoring to SEScoops.com:

“The official website of Florida Championship Wrestling has removed developmental wrestler Rodney Thomas from their roster section, which would indicate that he has been released from his contract with WWE.

Thomas, previously known as “Shotgun” Brock Barker on the Canadian independent wrestling scene, is a graduate of Lance Storm’s professional wrestling academy in Calgary, Alberta. He signed a developmental contract with WWE earlier this year following a tryout.

Meanwhile, Tough Enough winner has been added to their roster under the name Kevin Hackman. Photos of Leavine holding the Tough Enough Championship are enclosed but no mention is made of the Florida native winning the reality television series.

Leavine has been training at their Tampa facility since June, during which he was reportedly suspended for a violation of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program. He has since returned to action.”

Haven’t heard of Rodney James, but I wish him the best in his future endeavors. But, this is a massive insult for Lance Storm and/or his wrestling academy. Look out for a rant shortly.

Andy shouldn’t have won it, in my opinion. Luke was great, had charisma, was good and deserved it. Andy just won because of the sympathy given to him. Kevin Hackman, sounds like the guy who’s hacking Kevin Nash’s accounts.

TNA News: Gail Kim knew that she’ll return to TNA

During an interview with Dva-Dirt.com, Gail commented on the following topics:

On her return to TNA: “During the time that Johnny [John Laurinaitis] said that he wanted to re-sign me, I already kinda knew that I didn’t want to re-sign and it was just a matter of timing because I was under contract. That was pretty much my plan the whole entire time; to go back to TNA.”

“Everybody was very positive and happy and said, ‘We’re so glad to have you back’. First off, I’m really happy that they were happy to see me back. The first thing I always said was, ‘You know, I already knew I’d be back’. I even said it in my last interview on the [Knockouts] DVD – hopefully, I’ll finish my career there. That’s always what I pictured, anyway. […] I always hoped for the best there [in WWE], obviously, and it didn’t turn out the way I had pictured completely, but I’m back where I pictured I would be. I’m just happy with the way everything turned out.”

“I’m a true believer in everything happens for a reason. I was meant to leave there [TNA] at that time. […] I think it was a refresher in some ways, too, for me to leave and try something else and then come back to where my home was.”

On the growth of the Knockouts division since her last run: “Well, there’s a lot more girls, it seems like. We had a lot of girls back then, but we have a lot of girls now. […] I love it because the girls there are all from pretty much an independent background. You get to the point where you’re happy to be in a division where you know the girls can step it up, and that you can have a challenging match, and that you guys can rock the house, basically.”

On whether she made the right decision to quit WWE: “I’m very confident in my decision making. Everything happens for a reason. I made this decision for a reason. It’s supposed to happen.”

“I don’t regret anything. I always had to accept what they gave me. It wasn’t even about how they used me because I knew going in, I had to accept whatever they gave me & how they used me. It was more about the disrespect behind the scenes, and that’s what pushed me over the edge to say, ‘I just don’t wanna be here anymore. I’m miserable. I just have to leave for my own sanity’.”

On quitting instead of waiting for her contract to run its course: “I was pretty much at my wit’s end at that point. […] For my own sanity, like I said, I had to leave. I knew seven weeks out from my contract end, ‘Okay well, you know what? I know that I can survive financially, and take a little break, and be with my fiancé’. Him and I both discussed it because it’s a decision for both of us as well, for our lives. I just couldn’t take it anymore mentally or emotionally. Physically, no problem. But on the other end, you can’t go to work and feel like you’re just dreading it. I just didn’t wanna go to work anymore. I’ll miss my friends and the people there, but that’s about it. You can’t contribute to a company when you don’t feel passion anymore. It’s a waste of time.”

Gail talks about much more in the interview including working with Karen Jarrett and Madison Rayne in TNA, which WWE Divas she’d like to see in TNA, WWE controlling its Superstars & Divas and the projects they can do, her first match back on Impact with Tara this Thursday and much, much more.

Hmm.. I can’t say anything but she made the right decision. WWE would have mistreated her and she wouldn’t have got the spotlight.

Saying that, she thinks about herself as the top talent, I feel. You’re not, Kim. You’re good, I admit, but not the best.

WWE News: Booker T In ring return; Henry-Show update

WWE announcer is expected to return to the ring very soon. The latest word is that will soon begin a feud with Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes that will lead to a match between the two men.

Aside from Booker’s desire to wrestle again, WWE sees Booker’s return to the ring as a chance to promote their upcoming King of the Ring DVD set, which Booker is hosting.

– In an update from last night, the CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio WWE Title Match at Survivor Series is not official yet.  The storyline is that John Laurinaitis will either make the match official or scrap it before next week’s RAW.

– WWE has been teasing the follow-up to and collapsing the ring at Vengeance for this week’s  SmackDown, where the entire RAW roster is booked.

WWE’s website noted that Henry and Show suffered muscle and ligament strains when the ring broke on Sunday. A WWE doctor was quoted in the article, saying they should be back soon.

Yes, Cody Rhodes is a main event star, and a feud with T would really push him to that level. I’m all in favor of it.

CM Punk vs Del Rio will be official, I’m telling you.

I hope those injuries are kayfabe, and that’s why I feel SD should be live, now, by reading the spoilers, it’ll spoil the whole effect. Next.

WWE News: Nash/Barrett tweet, WWE TT’s and more

appeared on Monday’s RAW and brutally attacked Triple H with a sledge hammer on two separate occasions. Nash, who looked to be in the best shape we’ve seen him in in years, tweeted the following after RAW:

“in these hard times, a man must do for his family what needs to be done.Only the strong survive. have worked harder in the last year than in my life.Feel better than I did at 30.Haters hate,but my body is ready,mind right.smells like$$$”

tweeted the following regarding whether he’ll be at next weeks RAW from Atlanta:

“If anyone w/ a brain thinks that next week in ATL @ RAW that between Cole & GM I have a chance in hell to come out ok you’re pet coon goofy.”

tweeted the following after defeating John Morrison on RAW. Barrett sees his win as the start of a new chapter in his young but storied WWE career:

“Barrett claims another victim. It is now beyond a great uprising. This is a fully-fledged resurrection. #TheSecondComing”

– WWE terms trending worldwide on Twitter last night during RAW included The Rock, John Cena, Awesome Truth, The Miz, R-Truth, Michael Cole, Zack Ryder, The Great White, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Mason Ryan, Celtic Cross, Ricardo Rodriguez, Irish Hand Grenade, Alicia Fox, John Morrison, Wade Barrett and Kevin Nash.

Nash tweet was kayfabe and was only done to promote the ongoing feud. So, no comments.

Okay, JR’s becoming angry now. And I feel that Barrett is getting a push, good for him. Now for JoMo, DB and the others..

That’s a whole lot of trends, I applaud WWE for that. Boy, WWE loves Twitter. I don’t think TNA’s able to manage that.

That’s the end of this article, hope you enjoyed it, and I hope this becomes a regular series.

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