WWE Vengeance: Results and Thoughts

“The wrestling ring was the star of the show”

Welcome, folks to the official review of WWE’s latest PPV, Vengeance. With no build up, this PPV has certainly impressed. This PPV had match quality and the entertainment quota.

And I’m here to review it, so, without further ado, let’s begin.

NOTE: My predictions are here. And my thoughts are in italics.

Micheal Cole, Jerry Lawler and Booker T are on commentary. Expect the worst commentary you’ve ever see through the show.

We get to the first match which is for the tag team titles.

Match: ZigSwag vs Air Boom for the Tag titles

This is the first of five Championship matches Live here at Vengeance and right after this one, Dolph Ziggler will defend the U.S. Championship against Zack Ryder. You Know It! Kofi and Dolph start off with Ziggler getting the better of the early exchange, but Kofi’s leaping ability and athleticism leads to a monkey flip and a Two-count. Evan Bourne tags in and takes Dolph down with a nice dropkick and another Two. Ziggler finally manages to make a tag as the match goes on and Air Boom do great to continuously wear down the legal Jack Swagger. A double baseball slide like dropkick from Air Boom to Swagg in the corner is followed up by a double bulldog and another Two on the count. Air Boom use the referee’s five-count to their advantage, “as any great tag team does” according to Booker T. Swagger and Ziggler manage to even the match up and they too tag well to keep one another fresh and keep Kingston from tagging Evan. The comms discuss WWE’s own network coming in 2012 and Cole says that he’d love to watch a talk show hosted by Vickie Guerrero. King jokes that Cole’s going to have his own show called “America’s Least Wanted”. The match goes on as Bourne tags in and performs a brilliant series of knees and kicks to both Dolph and Jack. He attempts Air Bourne on Swagger, but he gets high knees and crashes and burns. Swagg tags Dolph and he comes in for a cover, but only gets Two. Vickie cheers on both her clients and we watch as Evan Bourne now endures sustained punishment from both his opponents. Swagger hits a Vader Bomb, but only gets Two on the count as Bourne continues to fight on. Evan wants the tag, but every time he gets close both his opponents do well to combine referee distractions to back handed attacks and still, Vickie Guerrero’s clients remain on top. Kofi Kingston does all he can to amp up the WWE Universe Live in San Antonio and it works as Evan gets some momentum and he finally makes the tag. Kofi’s on fire as he comes in to clean house and then land an amazing cross-body from off the top rope right onto Dolph. An outstanding take from Dolph and Kingston then lands the “Boop” “Boop” Boom Drop! The match goes on with Kofi hitting an SOS, but Swagger’s on the scene. Evan comes in to even the odds and soon Kofi nails Dolph with Trouble In Paradise, Evan hits Air Bourne and that retains him and Kofi the Belts, Air Boom remain WWE World Tag Team Champions!

Winner: Air Boom

Good opener. But this spoils the result of the next match. Kudos to Ziggler.

Boy, Dolph has got his work cut out..

Match: Ziggler vs Ryder

The fans chant Ryder on as he gets on top of the fatigued Ziggler right away. As Ziggler evens things out, Ryder quickly befalls him to ringside where Kofi and Evan throw Dolph back in the ring. The ref then sends the retaining Tag Champs from ringside and the match goes. Vickie is happy that Air Boom are gone, but consistantly gets frustrated as Ryder counters and kicks out of every attack and pin fall from Dolph. Ryder performs his “Woo! Woo! Woo!” face-wash boot to the mush of Ziggler in the corner, but an interference from Jack Swagger leads to a HBK-esque Super-Kick and Dolph retains the U.S. Gold.

Winner: Ziggler

Intense match, good storytelling. Ziggler’s awesome, broskis. I hope this doesn’t lead to Mason Ryan winning the title.

Backstage, CM Punk’s talking to.. Ted DiBiase? And Ted goes off and HHH comes in. They talk about being on the same page and having a common goal.

Jerry Lawler (divas) time!

Match: Beth Phoenix vs Eve

Natalya and Kelly Kelly are banned from ringside for this here Divas Title match. Eve begins the match well, showing excellent athleticism throughout. Beth is strong though and we watch as an even match goes back and forth. Eve ties Beth to the ring ropes using leather from Beth’s own attire, but this awakens the proverbial beast and Beth then dominates Eve all around ringside, even press slamming her opponent over the barricade. Beth grounds Eve and focusses on her back after a nice backbreaker that stops any countering momentum from Eve. The audience cheer Eve on and she gets herself back in the match, clotheslining Phoenix to the canvas. Eve performs a standing front flip senton and that gets her Two on the count. Eve next looks to performs a jujitsu upper body submission and Phoenix is in trouble as she screams out in pain. She eventually gets the ropes, but the unique move was certainly effective as Beth is considerably slowed down. Beth uses the ring apron to her advantage and moments later she’s back in the ring trying for a GlamSlam, but Eve counters and gets a near fall for herself. The two Divas go back and forth as Eve misses a moonsault and Beth comes back to administer a successful GlamSlam and this one’s over.

Winner: Beth

Better than most divas matches.. Eve gells more in the ring than Kelly. Beth is amazing. Period.

More drama as we cut backstage.

Matt Striker is with Big Show and Show says that he’s been preparing for this ever since he got injured and he wants to win this bad. He says that it took Henry 15 years to be the WHC but he can lose it in 3 seconds. And then he ends with ‘Vengeance will be mine’.

Alright segment. Next.

The next match is Sheamus vs Christian..

Match: Sheamus vs Christian

Sheamus is focussed and is well on top throughout the early exchange of this match. He performs clotheslines, his over-the-ropes clubbling blows to Christian’s chest and then a delayed vertical suplex. Christian bides his time and picks his spot to chop-block Sheamus and take him down. The comms review how Christian has wound Sheamus up lately and just this past Friday night he Speared the Celtic Warrior right on the stage on SmackDown. Sheamus is certainly angry, but he’s in trouble at teh moment as we watch Christian slap him right across the face before administer a spinning back elbow from off the middle rope. Christian goes middle rope again and this time he nails a missile dropkick. Christian then goes up for a third time, but this time he misses a diving headbutt. This gives Sheamus enough time to gather himself and he then goes full pelt at his opponent, performing a beautiful fall-away slam that gets him Two on the count. Christian comes back and performs an inverted DDT and that gets him Two as well. The match goes on intriguingly back and forth as Christian evades and counters a Celtic Cross, but Sheamus then floors him with an Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus then pounds his chest as he gets the crowd going for an attempt at a Brogue Kick – but Christian counters with an outstanding Spear! Sheamus is down, an upset perhaps; One! Two! – no, Sheamus kicks out! Christian can’t believe it. He does all he can to get another shot at a finish, nailling a great Frankensteiner out the corner and then setting for another Spear, but this time Sheamus counters, Brogue Kick connecting! A huge shot to the kisser of Christian and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Sheamus

Great match, but my problem is, Christian losing again? I mean, how much already?

Backstage, Johnny Ace is talking to David Otunga and then Miz and Truth enter and talk about who sucks up to them. Names thrown were HHH, Punk and the state of Texas.

A video package is shown and I admit it, WWE video packages are great.

Match: Miz/Truth vs Punk/HHH

Punk and The Miz start off as Triple H tags in early. Miz wants none of him so he tags Truth. Hunter decks R-Truth to the mat and waits for him to come. He then knees him in the gut before not being fazed by his taunts and then punching him to the canvas and throwing a DX crotch chop toward his opponent. CM Punk and The Miz both tag in. Punk then works well with Triple H to double suplex Miz to the canvas. Triple H performs a brilliant Figure Four Leglock on Miz. Punk pulls Hunter’s hands for extras leverage and the crowd love it as Cole moans about the whole thing on commentary. King says that “turnabout is fair play” and Booker concurs. Miz and Truth work together to get back in the match and they befall CM Punk together. Truth is then the legal man and we watch as he grounds Punk, but the fans cheer Punk on and manages to get out of Truth’s hold. Punk finally tags in The Game and he comes in to bring Miz into the match and then plant R-Truth with a patented spinebuster. Hunter then clotheslines both his opponents to ringside, but off the island is where the dogs play and we watch as Miz and Truth double team the former COO. Miz and R-Truth spend quite a portion of the match on top now. They tag well to keep themselves fresh and keep the ring cut in half to make sure Triple H can’t get back to his corner. Miz performs his backbreaker/neckbreacker combination before tagging Truth and Truth gets Two on the count. Truth continues on top for the moment, but Hunter counters him and he tags Miz. Miz comes in to go at The Game, but Triple H clotheslines him to the canvas. Miz tags Truth back in, but to no avail as Triple H tags in CM Punk and he cleans house. Punk bulldogs one opponent and clotheslines another, CM Punk’s on fire. He sets for a diving elbow as Triple H takes care of Truth at ringside. Punk nails the elbow, but then we see a massive right hand come out the crowd and it’s Kevin Nash! Nash KO’s Triple H! Punk looks to the scene, but Punk and Truth take advantage to lay him out with a double team and the Awesome Truth wins!

Winner: Awesome Truth

Good match, but again, Punk’s losing momentum. If he’ll face Del Rio for the title next, this is not the way to build him up.

After the match, Nash continues his assault. Then he delivers a botched Jacknife Powerbomb. Fail. They all wonder how Nash can enter and exit the buildings whenever he can and how is it possible.

Backstage, Laurinaitis meets Del Rio and assures him about his match vs Cena.

Match: Cody vs Randy

This match up begins with Orton on top as he takes the battle quickly to ringside. Rhodes is an excellent competitor however and the reigning Intercontinental Champion does well to explode out the corner and get a Two-count on The Viper. Recently Cody Rhodes has brought back the classic White Belt Intercontinental Title. He said that many greats held the original Belt and so he’s brought it back because he wants his name to be alongside those past Intercontinental Title holders. Rhodes remains in control, stomping on Orton’s abdomen before trying to turn him over for a Boston Crab and successfully doing so. Orton’s in trouble as he has yet to gain any sustained momentum in this match and although he escapes the Boston Crab, Rhodes remains on top, soon performing an Alabama Slam to get Two on the count. Rhodes next goes top rope for a moonsault, but he takes too long and so The Viper slithers out the way. Now Orton can get up and kick it into another gear, now he has momentum, now he can take control of the match, nailling an outstanding dropkick right to the gut of the onflying Cody Rhodes. The match goes on evenly, with both superstars getting chances at finishes to the match. Rhodes hits a Disaster kick to get Two. Orton lands an over-the-back backbreaker and that gets just Two as well. Orton sets for a gutwrench into a neckbreaker and he nails it. Yet another brilliant move, but again only Two. The match continues with Orton targettingRhodes in the corner, but Cody fights him off and this time he connects with a moonsault! One! Two! – no, Orton kicks out! Back and forth we go, but Orton’s distracted by a bagger and this leads to Cross-Rhodes! One! Two! – No!, just Two and we continue. Rhodes then taunts Orton, pounds the canvas as if he’s going to attempt an RKO, but no, Orton counters and soon nails his patented DDT with Rhodes’ legs hanging from the middle rope. Another bagger comes onto the ring apron, but again to no avail as Orton sends Cody into him to knock him off the apron and then *WHAM* RKO connects for the One! Two! Three!

Winner: Randy Orton

Good match with it’s own spots. Yeah Randy, you can’t afford to lose three in a row where as Punk and Christian are doing so. What is the matter?

Another video package by WWE on the Mark Henry fiasco.

Match: Show vs Henry

The contest begins with Show unloading on Mark Henry. He corners his rival and stomps on him repeatedly. Henry escapes under the bottom rope and he then bides his time before even attempting to get in the ring. When he finally does, Show flings him over the top rope and back in the squared circle! Show then side kicks him to the mat and again Henry bides his time at ringside. He then goes to get his Belt and try to leave, but Show exits the ring to go at him and get the World Champion back in the ring. Henry gets back in the match now and he performs an almighty body slam that takes Big Show down! Henry then keeps Show grounded, performing a kneelock submission move that has Show writhing in pain. Show eventually counters and both men get back to their feet, but Show tries a body slam of his own, but his leg gives out. A cover for Henry and that gets him Two. The match goes on with both men trying to outdo one another in terms of strength, intelligence and fatigue. They eyeball each other from across the ring before running at one another full force and massive clotheslines to each other land both of them flat on their backs on the canvas. Both superstar athletes battle back to their feet and Show administers a body slam and then a chokeslam! That’s it; One! Two! – No! Henry kicks out! Show then sets up for a WMD, but no, Henry’s up and World’s Strongest Slam crashes into the canvas! One! Two! – kick out! Big Show kicks out of the World’s Strongest Slam! Henry can’t believe it, he has no clue what to do. He resorts to high risk and he climbs the corner. This is a mistake though because Show’s up and he Super-Chokeslam’s Mark Henry! An instant cover! One, Two – yipes! Henry kicks out! The match goes on and Show then looks to go high risk, but Henry gets up and he goes to the corner to SuperPlex the Big Show! *BAM* IMPLODING RING!

Winner: No contest; Mark retains

Awesome moment, the ring breaking is a great moment and it was good again. More than I expected, but why was Henry walking like a drunkard?

Both superstars are down as EMT’s and referees come to check on the Big Show and Mark Henry. John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long come to discuss the sitation and we wait as the crowd keep their eyes glued to an shocking scene in the middle of the arena. Big Show is eventually taken away on an EMT buggy. Mark Henry shoves people away, refusing help, but he can bearly stand. John Laurinaitis announces that the WWE Title match will go ahead tonight no matter what.

‘I’ll give you what I want you want”

After a WWE Championship video package, Ricardo Rodriguez announces the entrance of WWE Champion Alberto Del-Rio.

Match: ADR vs Cena

Cena’s got a new, Rise Above Hate shirt. Looks good.

The match starts inside the collapsed ring and we watch as Del-Rio instantly uses his personal ring announcer as a decoy and this allows him to smash Cena in the gut and gain the upper hand. Del-Rio administers a suplex before the match spills to ringside and Del-Rio uses the barricade, the ring-post and his array of jabs and kicks to go at his challenger and keep Cena grounded for the moment. Cena comes back though, dropping Del-Rio before adminsitering a couple of elbow drops. Del-Rio comes back to befall Cena to the mat and then run up the hill of the canvas and and land a dropkick right in Cena’s face. Del-Rio continues on top, nailling two backdrops in a row, trying to keep Cena down for a Ten-count. Del-Rio continues to work over Cena’s back, trying to use the slanted ring canvas to his advantage because Cena lands awkwardly after every spulex or backbreaker. Soon Del-Rio gets some of his own medicine and we watch as both men are getting counted. The crowd are split in their opinions of Cena as always, but he rises above hate to get up and deck Del-Rio to deliver an unconventional Five-Knuckle Shuffle. Cena and Del-Rio then trade varied suplexes before Del-Rio befalls Cena with a nice tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. The ref counts, but Cena’s getting up so he puts Cena’s body underneath a ring-post before stomping on the post so that it’s driven into Cena’s gut. This may be it, Del-Rio may win by way of ring-post. No, Cena gets up and “Aaaah!” shouts King as Cena administers an Attitude Adjustment! Both men are down, and the ref counts to Eight when Cena gets up to AA Del-Rio again. This time though Rodriguez comes in and breaks the hold. This leads to a chickenwing-like sleeper hold from Del-Rio and he hooks the move on for quite some time to keep Cena down. Eventually Del-Rio lets go and the ref counts, but Cena’s back up at Eight! Del-Rio tries flinging him from the remains of the ring, but Cena counters and he sends Del-Rio crashing all the way to the side of the barricade. A massive collission with Del-Rio’s shoulder to the barricade and now the match is even. The match goes on. Steel stairs come into play, Rodriguez’s yam bags get ring-posted twice and both main eventers continue their fight up the arena floor toward the stage. Del-Rio uses the bottom panel of the stairs as a battering ram, but again Cena’s up at Eight & a half. The battle goes backstage and Cena sends Del-Rio into a refreshments table. He then lifts up a fifteen foot equpiment box that tips over to almost land on Del-Rio! The WWE Champion is up though and he goes at Cena, body slamming him on the side of the massive box. Cena gets up and off the box and the ref’s count is stopped. By the interview set, Del-Rio then decks Cena to tip over four metal panels that squish John Cena and keep him down for quite some time, but he gets up at Nine. The fight comes back out to the stage and Ricardo Rodriguez is back on the scene. He piggybacks Cena enough so that Del-Rio can grab him and launch him through the ‘V’ of the Vengeance stage. Cena gets up though and the battle goes on. Del-Rio tries befalling Cena over a table, but as he climbs some stage equipment, Del-Rio is tossed off of it right through the table! The ref gets to Seven and Del-Rio stirs to eventually get to his feet. A match without no ring means a match with even more chaos in the WWE and we watch as Cena and Del-Rio fight all the way back round ringside. Cena befalls Rodriguez before ducking a step-up volley from Del-Rio. Del-Rio’s kick hit the ring-post and he goes down hurt. Cena then uses this chance to reset the steel steps. He takes Del-Rio to them, climbs them with him over his shoulders and then *WHAM* Attitude Adjustment through the announcers table! The fans go wild – but wait, Miz and R-Truth! Miz and Truth come to assault John Cena! The ref then counts both Del-Rio and Cena. He gets to Nine and both men are up! Del-Rio grabs the WWE Title and sprints back in the ring and *BAM* Title shot to the skull! Cena is down, he’s out and while he tries and tries to get up, he can’t get up in time. Del-Rio retains after a mugging, a mauling of John Cena.

Winner: ADR

Good match, Cena’s out of the title picture now, and Del Rio wins. Good stuff.

Awesome spots:

  • Ring collapsing
  • ADR, Henry retain
  • Dolph competes in two matches

Need to improve:

  • Match placement
  • Interference
  • Increase the build up

Overall rating: 8.0/10






2 thoughts on “WWE Vengeance: Results and Thoughts

  1. I love the emotion you put into your reviews, bro. The thing I most agree on is how Christian shouldn’t be losing so often. I think that interference was needed in this pay-per-view though, since it sets up most of the Survivor Series matches.

    • LOL thanks! Yeah, Christian is losing, but as you tweeted, doesn’t lose any heat, and that’s a class act. Yeah, I just hope Kevin Nash doesn’t compete lol.

      Thanks for the comment.



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