WWE Vengeance 2011 predictions

Welcome, readers. This article is all about WWE’s latest PPV, Vengeance which features 8 matches.

Vengeance was replaced in 2010 by Night Of Champions. This is billed as the ‘time for revenge’ as Big Show aims to take his revenge against Henry, plus Cena wants his WWE title back vs ADR, that too in his favorite match, a last man standing match and lots more.

NOTE: PW stands for Predicted Winner.

Here are the predictions:

NOTE: The matches are in no particular order.


Mark Henry vs Big Show

Yeah, Show returns on SD! Pretty big deal, but my problem is, he takes away all of Mark’s momentum. Mark was built as the most dominant champion of all time, and going into his second feud after winning the WHC, and on top of that, losing the feud, is not dominant.

Anyway, I think there can be two outcomes. One, Kane/Undertaker interfere and cost Henry the championship. Second, Mark Henry wins by DQ/countout/dirty.

I think the second one is more likely to happen.

PW:Mark Henry


Alberto Del Rio vs Cena

No second thoughts here. Cena losing dirty.



Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder

This is the first of the two matches that interest me. Dolph is having two matches in the same night. That has happened before with him at Smackdown sometime, I guess.

Anyway, if Dolph/Swagger win the tag titles, then Zack will win the US title, otherwise, it goes vice-versa.

I think Dolph will lose.

PW: Ryder


AirBoom vs Vickie’s Clients

Look at the Dolph vs Ryder prediction.

PW: Vickie’s Clients


Rhodes vs Orton

This is the second match I was talking about. Cody has been on a role as of late, and he’s impressing me every time he walks into that ring.

Orton, has been Orton, to say the least. Finally lost cleanly, has moved down to face the IC champ in what I believe is not for the IC title.

I predict that Cody wins dirty.

PW: Cody Rhodes


Eve vs Beth

Beth needs to win and will win. Mark my words.

PW: Beth


Awesome Truth vs HHH/Punk

This is what I believe would be the main event. This could go three ways:

  1. Punk/HHH win clean causing AT to lose all their momentum
  2. AT win via interference from Nash/Laurinaitis et al
  3. HHH or Punk turn on each other

I would like the third one to happen, but the second one is the most likely one.

PW: Awesome Truth


Sheamus vs Christian

The battle of the Canadian vs The Bull.. seriously, this feud has not been note worthy, but has produced good matches through out.

This will be no exception. I predict Sheamus to win to continue this feud.

PW: Sheamus



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