Thank You, Charlie!

EGW and BR writer, posted this in one of his articles:

There are the six reasons why Bully Ray should be your World Heavyweight Champion, as voted for by B/R member and Enigmatic Generation of Wrestling writer, Siddharth Grover.

As I’ve mentioned, each and every plug is recognised here at Sid’s Thoughts, and Charlie, you’re not going to be left!

Thanks a lot, sir. It really means a lot to me. You are one of the top writers on B/R and dropping my name at that site, it’s a valued thing. Really appreciated.

So now, at least I can plug you and your work:

Charlie Groenewegen, one of B/R’s most prominent writes has posted the fourth edition of 6 Reasons Why in the form of Bully Ray. Make sure to check it out here.

And also follow him on Twitter @CharlieEGW_BR



One thought on “Thank You, Charlie!

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