What If: Mark Henry Hadn’t Won the World Heavyweight Championship

Hello, readers. This is the second installment of my brand new series ‘WHAT IF’, which addresses a situation and predicts the following events if the result of the situation was totally reversed. Hope you enjoy.

Note: The first edition of the series is here.

Mark Henry, billed as the World’s Strongest Man, was a compete joke till April 25, 2010 when he was drafted to Smackdown after turning heel.

Henry, after turning heel, would decimate opponents, kick their asses ad break their necks and could cause all the destruction in the world which one could only imagine.

He started a feud with the Big Show, and then put him through an announce table, and when we thought he was done, he attacked Show by putting him through a steel cage causing mayhem to take place and that led to the injury of the Big Show when he faced Mark Henry at the most controversial PPV this year, Money In The Bank.

He (kayfabe) injured Show in convincing fashion, after beating him with two splashes, set up a chair on his leg and jumped onto the chair from the turnbuckle causing his leg to break and he was taken off by a stretcher.

The same happened to Kane and Vladimir Koslov and Mark Henry turned from a comedy-backstage-hangout guy to a monster who’d cause destruction where ever he went.

Everyone was afraid of him. He was considered immortal (no pun intended).

Then, the next man to target was Randy Orton, the world heavyweight champion at that time.

Mark Henry had to go through 19 other men, which he easily did in a Battle Royal, to become the No.1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title.

He was so close, yet so far.

The night came. Night Of Champions arrived. Everyone, except me, chose Randy to walk away with the title. They all put their money on Orton. But as always, they were wrong. Henry won the match to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.


The world’s strongest man Mark Henry threw World Champion on one corner, received punches from Orton and then Orton kicked on knee continuously, a kick to face, Orton Stomp to punish him, then pushed #1 contender to outside of the ring. Mark Henry removed cover on Spanish announce table with frustration, then entered into ring, lifted him over his head but his opponent escaped from him. However, he later refused to take RKO by pushing him towards one corner, big boot to Orton’s face, kicked on his chest, powerfully pushed him towards opposite corners, delivered a clothesline to cornered opponent but WWE World Heavyweight Champion escaped from powerslam and applied sleeper hold.

However, the world’s strongest man damaged his back by hitting to one corner but received several forearm smashes on chest by sitting on top rope at one corner. #1 contender seriously considered, delivered a powerful punch to Champion and viper was fallen down on floor from top rope. He went to outside of the ring where he damaged back of world’s champion by hitting to one side of the ring, headbutt in ring, damaged backbone area by pulling orton’s body with the help of the steel ring pole from outside of the ring, stood on his backbone area to put his entire weight, slammed him, running splash, headbutt after received some punches at one corner, delivered a powerful punch, shoulder blocks and then a powerful forearm smash on back.

The world’s most dangerous man dropped his elbow on chest, turned his hand, kicked at chest, clothesline but Orton fight back, by kicking at knee, punches to face, kicked at chest, powerful punch, European uppercut several times but received a powerful headbutt but escaped from running splash. Randy Orton delivered several punches to #1 contender, clotheslines, drop kick to make him to fall from his feet but The King of the Jungle surprised him a headbutt, clothesline, destroyed Orton with a world’s strongest slam but Orton did not want to lose this match. However, Mark dragged him to one corner, delivered a corner splash but Orton puts his both legs against to his fall.

Orton attacked knee of #1 contender, DDT, decided to finish this match with RKO, then deliver rope hung DDT but Henry holds bottom rope to save this match. The world’s strongest slam pushed Orton on second rope, kicked on knee, kick at midsection, did not cooperate to RKO, then pushed him into air, destroyed him with another world’s strongest slam and pinned Randy Orton in middle of the ring to become new WWE World Strongest World Heavyweight Champion and shocked entire wrestling world.


Now, the question I ask you all is: What If?

What if Randy Orton had retained his World Heavyweight Championship?

My answer to that question is,

It could lead to many things.

-Mark Henry could win the title at the next PPV, thus making him look weak and taking all his momentum away, and all this buildup would pay off, but not in the way WWE would have liked it to go.
-Mark could feud with someone else, for example, Sheamus and this could elevate Sheamus to the next level. He could also feud with other mid-card wrestlers and put them over.
-He could return to his jobber status and put other people over, thus literally being the World’s Strongest Failure.
-He could join the Otunga’s Stable and complain, and file lawsuits etc.
He could’ve formed a tag team with the likes of any heel with agility like Rhodes, McIntyre etc.
-He could fight matches on WWE Superstars.

Thus, I feel that he couldn’t have benefited in any way if he would’ve lost and WWE made the right decision by giving him the victory.

After all, IF is a very big word.


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